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So ok, been mulling this over for a few days. Do I really, really, want to open myself up to this kind of crushing, deflating, demoralizing, scathing criticism from you bunch of opinionated critics?

WTF.... you only live once, die once, and might as well go out and submit to the bombast.

So, I'm asking you guys for 10 1/2 minutes of your time. That's right...10 1/2 minutes...not 10...not 11...10 and a half. Please go to my bands website,, and listen to our 3 demo songs posted. And then fire away with your bombs of

"Give it up man, you sux"....or "get a different hobby knucklehead"..."take up bowling or badminton"..."your best song is the worst one I've ever heard"....whatever. gentle...if you can...I'm fragile and I bruise easily...

Keep in mind....self taught guitar player who quit playing for 20 years after he started a family, never took lessons, and dont know jack about music from a technical or theory standpoint...that'd be me.

Self taught drummer who has less confidence than I do, and that's scary as hell...

A young bass player who thinks he's bad to the bone, because he brags "I'm in 3 bands right now"...but yet, he ain't really dedicated to any of them. He'd rather brag how many bands he's in...

A singer who has never, ever...EVER...been in a band before...

And that would be a quick description of my hobby, my bandmates, and if I could still play sports, I probably would not have ever started playing guitar again. And we are a strange "conglomeration"....2 guys in their 50's, 2 guys in their 20's....and we all met through ads looking for other players.

Please listen, and then come see us on tour... least my humor is intact..

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"Woman" was a cool song, the geetar™ was interesting. Not really a stop/start type of thing, but kinda like that. Hard to explain and I don't think I've heard it before. Drums are a little too prominent.

"Swamp Man" has some nice riffage, however (don't kill me) the first geetar™ solo was a bit weak, that final note just seemed out of place. Mistake maybe? The vocals sound a bit weak on this.

"Set Me Free" the vocals were quite weak, especially during the chorus. The riffage reminds me a bit of Black Sabbath. The bass drum is a bit annoying here, it thuds. 

If I were to rank the songs, it would be as listed above.

This is obviously very raw, and I do like the geetar™ (not kissing your ass), except for that one solo. The singer is a bit weak, but more practice and he'll be ok I think. Drums were a bit forward-sounding, need to be pushed back a bit and that muffled thud needs to go.      

All in all, not bad but there are obviously some tweaks that need to be made.

Thanks Jon. I actually thought the bass drum sounded pretty good. The first little lead in Woman is buried in the mix too much I think. Second lead in the same song sounds a little louder, and me likey!

But I appreciate ya'll listening, and I appreciate the comments, both good and bad. We are amatuers, and we'd probably be better if we just formed a softball team, and gave up the band thing!

No, just some tweaking. Send your disc to my studio and I'll master it for you. I'll twiddle some nobs here and there.

Besides, I can just tell that you would suck at softball.

Oh, are we allowed to leave stupid comments on the FB page?

You usually do.

Yeah, but there's a difference: Gordon, I respect. You? Not so much.

I like Woman best as well, but the riff in Swamp Man is better.  Woman gets the nod from an overall song perspective.  I watched the Swamp Man performance and it looks like you were having fun.  At the end of the day that's what it about, right?  That and chicks...  cant forget them.

Don't be afraid to update us often, Jon is really a softy - he lives in Detroit afterall!!

Thanks again guys. I messed up coming out of the first little lead on the Swamp Man video. Hit my volume knob by mistake, and the guitar is totally gone for a note there. I'm getting better at recovering from mistakes, though. I mean, I get a LOT OF PRACTICE recovering from mistakes! I need to work on NOT making the "stinky faces" when I screw up. I have a bad habit of that, and it's a dead give away if you are playing in front of people, and you make this face like you just stepped in dog poo....

Jon, if you were referring to posting comments on the StoneFist Facebook page, help yourself. But now, Jon....once upon a time I was a hell of a softball player. I could rake at the plate, and I used to feel like there was not a ball hit to my area of the outfield that I would not get to, period! I was a cocky sumbitch on a ball field once upon a time. Never had that confidence in music, which it's definitely better to be humble than to be cocky.

But Scott hit the nail on the head...the band thing is fun, and at my age, I wont be going back to sports, for sure. And I am single, so "I'm in it for the chicks"!!! But I do have one question....just WHERE ARE all these chicks???

All the chicks are at the World Cup.

Gordon, check out THIS link to Facebook. Someone is looking for small/unsigned bands to be used in future videos. The posting was on July 8th so you need to scroll down a bit.


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