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I'm not bitter or anything, but attempt #2 at bringing class to this joint was yet another complete and abject failure. If this continues, I'll just have to rethink what the billions and billions of listeners really want.


Maybe it's something like this. "Sweet Evil", the 1977 release fro Derringer. It does have the word "evil" in the title and since evil isn't always classy, maybe that's what people are looking for. 


Rick Derringer is such a cool name for a geetarist. Just sayin'.


Did you know that he sang lead on "Hang On Sloopy" by the McCoys? Now you do.     


Guess I could write more about this album, but what's the point? If I write a couple hundred words about this album, that might come across as "classy" and golly gee no, that's not something we want to do. 


At least you have this going for you: if you had such a bad taste in your mouth from last week's attempt at classiness, this should wipe that taste right out of your mouth. That and the cheap wine you're drinking. 



Sweet Evil

1. Don't Stop Living Me

2. Sittin' By The Pool

3. Keep On Makin' Love

4. one-Eyed Jack

5. Let's Make It

6. Sweet Evil

7. Driving Sideways

8. Didn't Ask To Be Born



Availability:Not available as a single CD, but you can get this on a two-fer with the first Derringer album for around $13. On a single CD. So I guess it IS available on a single CD.





















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Jon, you did bring class to this joint with your last post.  She was smoking hot!  And so is the girl you found this week!  Class Class Class!

This Derringer is pretty cool, I know my older brother is a fan but I do not recall every seeing this release.  I knew we would some great geetar work, and we do.  Nice riffs, nice geetar shredding solos and best of all straight ahead blues based rock and roll, even a little funk in the mix!  But no fluff and no filler!

Loved Sweet Evil!  I just knew it would kick in about half way through!  And boy did it!

Nice post!

This was a pretty decent listen.  I'm not saying spectacular or "classy", but not bad at all.  The guitar was pretty impressive, especially on track 3 (I think that was it).  I've never really paid any attention to Derringer, but I will say this was a bit more pop oriented than I would have expected.

I've heard of Deringer, but never really listened to him. Right off, I liked track one. Track two's not bad, I love the guitar & drums! Nice guitar solo on track three, but it's starting to lose me vocally. Track four is ok musically, but I don't care for the vocals. I love the guitar on track five, but the vocals are just strange! Wow!!! Track 6, Sweet Evil, Love this!!! I like the funk in the last two tracks, but the vocals just seem amateurish. A lot better than I expected! Very impressive musically! Who knows, with a better singer, maybe Deringer makes a bigger impact.

Trivia question:

What's the correlation between Steely Dan and Rick Derringer?


I know he's recorded with them, but I'm not sure what tracks


It's a Steely Dan song title.

does it have the name Rikki in it?

yes it does....but what is the title (supposedly) about?

Yeah, it's on google. And allmusic. And amazon.

From wiki...

In the March 24, 2006 issue of Entertainment Weekly, in an article titled "Back to Annandale", it was revealed that Rikki Ducornet was the apparent inspiration for the song due to a friendship songwriter Donald Fagen had with her while attending Bard College. Ducornet was pregnant and married at the time, but recalls that Fagen did give her his phone number at a college party while attending Bard and said that she believed she was the subject of the song. Fagen would not confirm the story.

Hmmm....look deeper especially since Fagen doesn't confirm. This is getting close to ranking up there with "You're So Vain"!

Didn't Carly, deny the the "You're So Vain" link to Richard Gere?

So, the other story is that "Rikki Don't Loose That Number" is about Rick Derringer being asked to be a member of Steely Dan. An offer, that he eventually passed on.


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