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From 1983, this week's hand-picked album is "Where Angels Fear To Tread", courtesy of Heaven.

Depending on what you read, lead singer Allan Fryer was either almost the lead singer for AC/DC after Bon Scott passed away, or he was only considered for the position. I suppose both could be considered the same, but it appears he was really close to getting the gig or he wasn't even asked to audition. Hey, I suppose both of those could be considered the same thing since he is from Australia and AC/DC is from Australia and would they really need to have him audition since they're both from the same country?

Points to ponder, folks. Points to ponder.

According to an interview with Fryer, George Young and Harry Vanda told him he had got the job and it was also announced on an Australian TV show that he was the new singer for AC/DC. However, AC/DC were in London auditioning Brian Johnson and the rest, as they say, is history.

The song "Rock School" got some airplay on MTV at the very least. I was young and impressionable and thought that it was a cool song so I bought the album. Other than that one song, I didn't care too much for the rest of the album.

Now though? Eh. It's not horrible by any means, and also features guest appearances by Ronnie James Dio, Glenn Hughes and Lita Ford, but it really doesn't stick with me, you know? Kind of a cross between AC/DC and Krokus, so it's not really anything original. 

But there is saxophone which isn't something you hear much on a metal album so it's got that going for it.  



Where Angels Fear To Tread

1. Where Angels Fear To Tread

2. Love Child

3. Scream For Me

4. Don't Mean Nothin'

5. Rock School

6. Madness

7. Hard Life

8. She Stole My Heart

9. You

10. Sleeping Dogs



Availability: Finally released on CD this year with 6 bonus tracks, it can be yours for around $13.



This picture from the back cover just makes them more metal!


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1. I've never heard of this band or album.

2. It sounds pretty dated, but it's definitely not terrible.

3. The vocalist sounds like a cross between Bon Scott and Rod Stewart to me.

4. He also sounds a bit more like Bon Scott than Brian Johnson does.  AC/DC did the right thing by hiring Johnson, but wouldn't it be cool if they had recorded the full Back In Black album with his vocals and released it as some sort of a bonus now?  Maybe just cool to me.

5. She Stole My Heart is a killer song and is easily my favorite, followed by Love Child.

6. Rock School is terrible.

7. Love the back cover picture.  People were so cheesy in the 80's.

8. This is a terrific Lost/Forgotten Album Of The Week post.  You're gettin' pretty good at this Jon.

With comments like #8, you're just forcing me to post a really crappy album.

You know that "Love Child" is a cover of a Diana Ross & The Supremes song, right?

For real?  I thought it sounded familiar, but I just couldn't work out what it was.  I think it was a dang good cover and something you should keep in mind for our next covers week.

Some observations..

  1. Regarding the album cover... I've had similar artwork stuck to my fridge when my kids were in elementary school
  2. Track #1 sounds strangely familiar and I cant remember where I would have heard it before.  Hate it when that happens
  3. I'm glad ACDC went with Johnson
  4. If you listen to Love Child for 30 seconds you've practically heard the entire song and the next song as well
  5. Sounds more like a early Krokus/Accept album than an ACDC knock off.  Not such a bad thing!
  6. A horn section on Rock School?  And yet more on Madness! Ugh!!!
  7. All said and one this was a cool 80's flashback but thoroughly cheesy!
  8. This is a terrific Lost/Forgotten Album Of The Week post.  You're gettin' pretty good at this Jon.
  9. Thank you for not posting the 6 bonus tracks...

With comments like #8.....oh, forget it.

This is not bad to me...just not that good either. So, it's an ok listen, but not purchase material. Nothing really stands out to me. Singer reminds me of Marc Storace of Krokus, not Bon Scott.

I thought about buying this CD from the same band in the past.

There are reissues of it floating around on EBAY. There is another version of Knockin On Heaven's Door on the CD.

I also just found another CD from this band on Itunes and Spotify. It isn't half bad!

Here is info on their CDs from 

I have noticed an album or two by Heaven down at the record store for a buck (definitely not this one b/c I'd remember that album cover) and decided to give this another listen.  I pretty much stand by my original thoughts, but I'd add that Scream For Me is a pretty dang good song too.  That is prime for a cover version...anybody...anybody?  

Anyway, if they are still there next weekend when I go back and they aren't scratched I'm gettin' em.

Stopped by the record store yesterday and found Bent.  Picked it up and I'm converting it to mp3 today.

That's their first album, re-titled for some reason. Guess you can't go wrong with a song titled "Suck City".

Yeah, I noticed that one.


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