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Yes, it's Thursday. Rjhog forced my hand so I'm posting early since we always need two new albums a week, right?

Plus there's a small issue. Let me remind you of a quote from last week's post, concerning "No Tellin' Lies", and probably both Zebra albums that have been posted so far: "I'm Takin' A Stance, I Don't Care.  No Tellin' Lies,  I Don't Like It."

For those wondering, that was from SCOTT. His name is SCOTT and you can direct any comments concerning that little rant to SCOTT. Funny thing, he has no choice but to listen to each and everyone of the Zebra albums I'm going to post. And there's something like 10 more! 

This week SCOTT is forced to listen to Zebra's 1986 release titled "3.V", their third album, hence the "3". SCOTT probably won't like that, no sir. However, every listen of yours truly postings of Zebra might just convert SCOTT to a well-rounded music aficionado. Yeah, that previous sentence kind of makes sense if you look at it closely. 

Some say this is Zebra's best album. Take that for what you will. Decide for yourself. Just remember there's quite a few more coming, so there might be a new favorite Zebra album for you and for SCOTT. 





1. Can't Live Without

2. He's Makin' You The Fool

3. Time

4. Your Mind's Open

5. Better Not Call

6. You'll Never Know

7. About To Make The Time

8. You're Only Losing Your Heart

9. Hard Living Without You

10. Isn't That The Way

Availability: OOP, see last week's post!





No 80's starlet picture this week because of SCOTT. 


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This feels like its been going on longer than the Tom Petty series...

Speaking of Tom Petty...

And MUCH more to come!

I definitely think this is the better of the 3 albums posted so far.  The song Time is really good.  I even get a bit of a Zeppelin vibe with this one.  There are times that the high vocal signature is reminiscent of Robert Plant, but there are also times that it's practically non-listenable (I'm thinking Hard Living Without You).  

I think the first half of the album is much better than the second half, except for Better Not Call.  It starts the "filler" list, which would be:

Better Not Call (but the guitar on this song is way cool, especially at the end)

You're Only Losing Your Heart

Hard Living Without You

Isn't That The Way (but this is the best of the filler tracks)

So I don't think this is CD purchase material for me, but, if I come across it on my one dollar vinyl hunt, I will pick it up.

Thanks for defining the "3" for me, I would have never guessed it meant this was their 3rd release.  How friggin' clever can a band be?  Now can you clear up the ".V"  - What is that?


Those last three tracks were pure torture!  Just awful...  But, there is redeeming value here.  I liked "He's Making You The Fool", "Time", and "Your Minds Open", then they launch into 80's keyboard yuckiness for the next two tracks.


So I made the time, and I'm about to lose my mind!  ooooohhh, ooooh, ooooh, ooooohhh, ooooohhh, ooooooooohhh

Bring more on!!!!  I can take it...  (I think)

Zebra uses "ooooohhhh's" like Simmon's uses "Oh Yeah's"!

That has got to be the most disgusting thing I have ever read in my life.

I think Hettfield has Simmons beat with the "yeah's".

My favorite album by zebra and one of my favorite albums period...there is no filler for me as I love every song on the album and it has been in my CD player since Friday...I realize that their sound is not for everybody but I love it! I love all the vocals including the high ones and the blend of guitars and keyboards...without a doubt their best one and I will continue to listen to it! Highlights are he's making you the fool, time, and better not this album but the next album was there worst...

Uh oh Scott....

awesome!  something to look forward to...

Yep, 5 more to go!


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