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Yes, it's Thursday. Rjhog forced my hand so I'm posting early since we always need two new albums a week, right?

Plus there's a small issue. Let me remind you of a quote from last week's post, concerning "No Tellin' Lies", and probably both Zebra albums that have been posted so far: "I'm Takin' A Stance, I Don't Care.  No Tellin' Lies,  I Don't Like It."

For those wondering, that was from SCOTT. His name is SCOTT and you can direct any comments concerning that little rant to SCOTT. Funny thing, he has no choice but to listen to each and everyone of the Zebra albums I'm going to post. And there's something like 10 more! 

This week SCOTT is forced to listen to Zebra's 1986 release titled "3.V", their third album, hence the "3". SCOTT probably won't like that, no sir. However, every listen of yours truly postings of Zebra might just convert SCOTT to a well-rounded music aficionado. Yeah, that previous sentence kind of makes sense if you look at it closely. 

Some say this is Zebra's best album. Take that for what you will. Decide for yourself. Just remember there's quite a few more coming, so there might be a new favorite Zebra album for you and for SCOTT. 





1. Can't Live Without

2. He's Makin' You The Fool

3. Time

4. Your Mind's Open

5. Better Not Call

6. You'll Never Know

7. About To Make The Time

8. You're Only Losing Your Heart

9. Hard Living Without You

10. Isn't That The Way

Availability: OOP, see last week's post!





No 80's starlet picture this week because of SCOTT. 


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