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Skipping ahead to 2003 with your Zebra overload, this week we have "IV" (that's "4" for those not into that Roman numeral thing).

Since all of you have absolutely loved the previous 3 Zebra albums that have been posted, I see no reason why that love affair should not continue. I am deluged with requests from folks begging me to post this album. Hundreds upon hundreds of requests. Maybe even thousands!

Still the same band members, still actively touring after these many years. Zebra fans (like everyone here) were clamoring for this album, climbing the walls and setting stuff on fire. That's what fans do, I suppose. 

SHort and sweet: you love Zebra, you know what you're going to get with Zebra, so I proudly give you "IV"!



1. Arabian Nights
2. Light Of My Love
3. Who Am I
4. Angels Calling
5. KK Is Hiding
6. Free
7. So I Dance
8. Waiting To Die
9. A World That Is Learning
10. My Life Has Changed
11. Why



Availability: OOP, but how does $10 sound?


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Wow the cover is intriguing!  I mean with the earth as the Zebras eyeball and the name of the album being "4" and the texture of the lettering of ZEBRA being all Mars-ish and stuff this could be a concept album! 


Or ... wait a minute...  RJ posted an album title "4" and now you...  There's more here than meets the eye!  You guys are up to something!

Well, believe it or not, I think this is the best Zebra album so far.  Other than the song "Free", this was a very decent listen.  I really liked the songs Who Am I and KK Is Hiding, but the best track to me was Waiting To Die.  Yep, this is definitely better than the first 3 albums.

So I figured it all out...  This Zebra is on Mars looking at Earth (thus the reflection in its eye).  He feels drawn to the Zebras in Arabia and figure there is some relation and the pull to know more is undeniable.  This is the journey of the Zebra to Earth who reunites with his early ancestors in Arabia...  Read the song titles in order with this in mind and tell me I'm wrong!  Yup that's it allright!


Now onto the music...

  • Arabian Nights is actually a cool tune, love the riff and flow of the song, surprisingly, the vocals are not annoying!  Why cant the band be more like this!?
  • Light of my life really doesn't work until the geetar solo kick sin and then its really nice!
  • Who Am I.  ew...
  • Angels Calling.  Filler...
  • KK is Hiding.  I had hope of some Judas Priest tribute tune, but after figuring out this albums concept, all hope was lost.  And confirmed once the song started.
  • I really liked the way Free started, but it got really repetitious and then here again, the geetar kicked in and this one I really liked!
  • So I Dance started with such a cool acoustic riff and I thought it had momentum, but it couldn't sustain it.
  • Waiting to Die.  Agree with this lyric, "could think of 20 zillion places you could be"...  What a flat tune!  But yet again, the geetar kicks in and saves what was a drag and made it OK, but then they go back to the droning style
  • A World That Is Learning.  ew...
  • My Life Has Changed.  These guys can do some cool things with acoustic riffs, maybe they should focus in on that a little more.  Then again, they write some mean geetar solos too! Liked this song a bunch!
  • Why.  Save the best for last I guess!  These last two songs are easily the best of they have to offer as they are the most memorable.  I ended up liking this song most!


I must give you kudos for your persistence! 

Well..guess I will go against the least favorite album by one of my favorite me this album is dark...sad themes abound here in some of the songs..I do like the first track and kk is hiding is I danced is all right, but I don't care for the rest of the album...light of my light was a track that was on the china rain album a side project of lead singer randy Jackson..I like their earlier work better.

Scottdawg, are there some religious themes on lyrically on this album?

Hey bro...check out my response on fb...

I did homey, thanks for the insight.  I know exactly where to go for this kind of info.

I could swear I posted the China Rain album here some time ago, but can't find it anywhere. Was it on the site that shall not be named?

I could post it this weekend, just to please Scott.  

Musta been that other place.

It's weird though because we carried over what we posted there to here, at least the artist and album title. Yet it's not showing.


So I double checked to see what Zebra release you'd be posting next ...  and ...  Theres not one!!!! 

That's what YOU think!


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