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We here at C-R-B.N.C love our Australian rock. Bands like Rose Tattoo, Midnight Oil, Men At Work, Little River Band, INXS, Wolfmother, Crowded House, EZO, Loverboy, The Eagles, Cold Chisel, The Easybeats, The Divinyls, Mother Goose, Thin Lizzy, Justin Bieber, Charlotte's Web, Nursery Crimes, Bee Gees, Air Supply, The Guttersnipes, The Ferrets and a few other are mostly all aces in our book!

It's been a couple months since we featured am Australian band and we've never featured a female-led Australian band, much less one fronted by the wife of a geetarist in a band featuring an ex-member of Van Halen (who Baby Animals did open for)! Only here do we do stuff like that!

This is the self-titled debut from Baby Animals, released in '91. Or was it '92? I believe it was '91 in the land down under and '92 for the rest of the world. No research involved, I'm just making an edumacated guess.

Thia album went multi-platinum in Australia, not so much platinum elsewhere. Kind of a shame, she has a nice voice plus the geetaring is solid throughout. Let's call this hard rock/pop, shall we? Not groundbreaking music, but a pretty solid listen.

One more album followed a couple years later (the awesomely titled "Shaved And Dangerous") then they disbanded and got back together recently with a new album either out now or coming soon. Again, no research. Just a solid guess on my part.

Baby Animals

1. Rush You
2. Early Warning
3. Painless
4. Make It End
5. Big Time Friends
6. Working For The Enemy
7. One Word
8. Break My Heart
9. Waste Of Time
10. One Too Many
11. Ain't Gonna Get It



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Intriguing to say the least.  I had to look this band up and see what ex VH member you were referring to.  And for the audiences benefit it as follows...

  • Gary Cherone, the relationship is from the fact that this lead signer is Nuno Bettencourts ex-wife

There are some curious band references in your notes.  The Eagles?  Loverboy?  Thin Lizzy? Justin who-gives-a-crap?  I think you are checking to see if anyone reads your notes, or you have some crazy genealogies your holding back on (you know, 3rd, 4th, 5th cousins, or fathers uncles cousin former roommate kind of stuff)...

This should be interesting

I just decided to go batsh*t crazy naming off bands, it just seemed like fun at the time.

You missed a great movie reference in my reply.  Your slipping!!!

you get partial credit since I had to prompt you....

This started off really good, especially the first two songs.  But then it kind of mellowed out.  I actually thought that it sounded a bit like Heart at times.  

It picked back up a bit for me on Working For The Enemy.  Really cool solo on that song.  

Other than that, it's not bad at all, but probably something that's only worth one listen.  

Apparently you wouldn't make a good Aussie... 

Probably not, I don't like Fosters and I don't want any shrimp on Barbie.

I love Foster's.  Foster's, Australian for large breasted.

RUSH YOU:  Interesting, not a very complex tune, simple geetars, simple beat, not over produced, and it has that little "Rock and Roll Fantasy" geetar bit which can never go wrong.  Her vocals seem more natural than some female leads, meaning not so forced, at least on this track anyway, we shall she how this plays out...

EARLY WARNING:  I wanted to not like this one, but it grew on me at the first bridge.  Liked the drums, wish they were better produced

PAINLESS:  Cool bass work to lead into the tune.  Listening to this was, dare I say ...  Painless.

MAKE IT END:  Just about ready to skip over this when it got really good (around 2:10).  Weird vocals, kind of brings Edie Brickell to mind and that's not good.  But the last two minutes are really very good.

BIG TIME FRIENDS: Love the extended intro, just when I thought we were getting an instrumental she started singing.  Maybe this would have been better as instrumental jam.  Chorus doesn't work for me here.  I've reached the filler section!

WORKING FOR THE ENEMY: Hey! A riff!  Nice stuff here, thought I was getting into a filler mode and then this kicked in. While the bass work isn't amazing its really working in the context of the songs.  I must say the bass does  stand out nicely.


BREAK MY HEART:  Nice change of pace track.  Kind of a Chris Isaak feel to it but more upbeat and melodic, and here again more cool bass work!

WASTE OF TIME: Interesting.  Weird geetar work, but it works in a real weird way.  Not the best on track on here but this one would grow on me with time.  Not a waste of time

ONE TOO MANY:  Another odd tune that kind of works.  I like this one even though I should fuss about how uninteresting the chorus is, I get what the tune is going after. And the jam at the end wasnt bad either, this one probably goes over really well live.

AINT GONNA GET: Liked the geetar work but the track falls flat.

Jon comes through with a nice melodic rock release...  Nice work I must say!


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