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Ever hear an old song on the radio, something you think you have never heard before? Then you do some research to find out who the artist is and then more research to find out more about the artist?

Even though you could swear that you had never heard that old song before, it's played again. You're kind of digging the song, so you do some research to find out who the artist is completely forgetting you already did this. 

Then you hear the song a couple more times and you finally break down. You NEED this song. It's stuck with you. You can't get it out of your head. Sadly, the album that song is on is out of print and the asking price it pretty steep. So you give up.

Of course you hear that song again. Now it's a quest. More research and a discovery is made. 

The song I'm referring to is "Sausalito Summernight" from Diesel, a Danish band. I believe Niels has mentioned them before since he's Danish. Maybe? 

"Sausalito Summernight" was their lone U.S. hit, reaching #25 in 1981 and hitting the top of the charts in Canada. The album, "Watts In A Tank",  reached #68 in the states and that was it (for North America, at least).

I was surprised at this album, how damn catchy it is! I can't find a track I don't like, even the slow ones. From the flat out rock of "All Because Of You" to the.......dammit, I don't know how to explain it, but "Down In The Silvermine" is so catchy (X2) it makes me smile. It sounds so European and happy!

I must thank KC Tunes for playing this song (seemingly) every Tuesday causing me to research and finally buy.      

Watts In A Tank

1. Sausalito Summernight
2. Goin' Back To China
3. Alibi
4. My Kind Of Woman
5. All Because Of You
6. Down In The Silvermine
7. Good Mornin', Day
8. Ready For Love
9. The Harness
10. Remember The Romans
11. Bite Back

Availability: Here's where it gets interesting. "Watts In A Tank" was released on CD in 2002, and is OOP and the asking price is around $50. However, there is a compilation titled "Sausalito Summernight" which includes all of "Watts In A Tank" along with fours other songs (which I don't think are that good), plus the single version of "Sausalito Summernight". The single version of that song actually leads of the CD while the full album version is the last track. This CD runs around $9 and it sounds very good.    

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Notice how Greg Kihn dominated the first one's discussion? Like your SHT list from this week. Interesting. I didn't even comment on the Diesel tracks on either of those posts, but see what one song does?

I own this on vinyl and then found it as a 2005 remastered download...

I like the album ever since it came out, the "hit" tunes (yes there were two singles from it) - Sausalito Summernight and Down in the Silvermine are just as Jon says - too damn catchy to deny their sugary goodness!  But the real hidden gems are Ready For Love and Good Morning Day - IMO.

Side 2 (beginning with Down In The Silvermine) is probably the better of the two, but this is a seriously good album and must have for anyone in my age group... 

Nice pick!!

I'm going to look for the vinyl today.  If I don't find it, I may pick up that compilation Jon referred to.

You had me thinking this would be really good.  It really wasn't.  I did like the opening track that was a big hit way back when, but it doesn't really hold up all that well.  Every time they said Sausalito I thought they were gonna say sausage.  Don't know why.

Anyway, the second track was pretty good too.  Even tracks 4 and 5 were okay, but everything else was not.  Glad you posted it though, now I know.


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