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What a pisser.

After Rhjog's devastating 1-2 punch of last week's "Cyclorama" and this week's offering of yet another golden Smithereen's classic, I just can't compete. On top of that, his post this week is for a 25th anniversary. Not 30, not 20, not 10, but 25. Again, I can't compete with this. 

I was going to do a different album from '93 and then I started thinking about posting an album from '03, then I went back to that other '93 album, had it halfway ready to go and suddenly decided that I was going to change it to this album, I Mother Earth's "Dig". 

Had a big writeup ready to go, complete with a history of the band and lots and lots of photos, links and whatever else that might have pleased you.

Then, late yesterday afternoon something inconceivable happened. I saw that Smithereen's post and decided that whatever I did would be worthless and beneath anything Rjhog posted. What would be the point of a history, photos, links, etc.?


Well, they're Canadian and this is their first album.

It's like a mixture of Rush, Santana, Red Hot Chili Peppers and is funky, jazzy and metallic?

Forget it. I give up. It's just not worth it.


1. Mothers
2. Levitate
3. Rain Will Fall
4. So Gently We Go
5. Not Quite Sonic
6. Production
7. Lost My America
8. No One
9. Undone
10. Basketball
11. And The Experience
12. Universe In You


Availability: I don't know. Maybe a few $$. I'm too depressed to look. 

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Rush like?

I guess. I dunno. You don't have to listen to it or anything.

Ok, been checking this out this afternoon.

Opening cut is very nice, and "atmospheric" (my new favorite word for music that is...umm, atmospheric)...very cool when music can give you (me) this feeling.

Second track, "Levitate" is upbeat, and it gives me an infusion of energy. Which means it's killer, and I like it!! Great use of various guitar tones right here in this one times very heavy, but also with a touch of a blues vibe and tone.

"Rain Will Fall" is funky and cool, with a very cool vocal delivery. More changing guitar tones...and I just don't get it when players play an entire album with virtually the same tone and sound.

"So Gently We Go" features a nice style and pace change. First half of this cut features some real nice layered guitar.

"Not Quite Sonic" has this great opening guitar riff. Just very cool, with more timing changes. Love the ending, as well.

So I'll end the track by track commentary, but I'll add this about track 9, "Undone". Nice, soft beginning, with more "atmospheric" qualities. Love the addition of bongos, and this track features an excellent guitar lead...again with great tone.

So, this for me, is a great listen. I'll be looking into buying this, IF it can be found, and does not cost an arm and leg.

But, I will say this....what a crappy band name!! "I Mother Earth"??? Weird name!! Just "Mother Earth" would be better in my opinion. Or, how about "I Cool Diversity", or sumpin' like dat??? And that album cover??? One of the worst I've ever seen! WTF is that anyway? A Dalmation without a head? Or some kind of devil head? Freaking weird!

But the music is really good, and I dig it! Tons of diversity right here in this one album.

Thanks're probably gonna be costing me more money again!!

Ha!! Got it ordered on Amazon for less than $6, including shipping. What a steal!

Dog with a gas mask.

From wikipedia:

"The band came up with the name IME, as in "I Am Me", but later decided the letters should stand for something. Jag Tanna ad-libbed the name I Mother Earth and has always insisted it has no special meaning."

I actually like the cover.

This seemed to get stronger as it played on to me.  I hear the Santana and RHCP's in places.  Also some King's X here and there.  I even heard some STP (I think it was the track Undone).  

The geetaring is really good.  So is the bass.  This is a good listen Jon.  I would like to hear it again with my good head phones on.  I'll try to get to it this weekend that way.

Yeah, ok. 

Some thoughts on this...

  • First off, this is not too bad! Lost albums are usually lost for a reason, dont know why this one is
  • Rush like?  Hey you said it not me!  I hear no Rush in this...  Anywhere!
  • I did hear some really nice bass lines.
  • Each track has its own flavor, at least it the not same song for the entire album!
  • Not Quite Sonic is weird! I did and didnt like it.  Bridge didnt work, but most everything else did
  • Didnt Like the track "Production" that threw the rest of this off
  • So when all said and done, this was better than whats been posted on here lately (except for SHT, that was smokin!!)

great. i'm so thrilled. 


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