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This week's pick is the third in the series of artists that only released one album. As you can tell from the picture above it's the 1998 release from Moon Dog Mane, Turn It Up.  

You might have heard the first two songs on the FM radio way back then. Maybe even the AM radio, but I doubt it. The running time of the album is 48:54.

Even though this is considered Country Rock, for some strange reason I get a Tesla vibe. No, not the inventor or the car. The band with Frank Hannon and others. Wonder if you'll feel the same way.

Do you get this feeling that I'm just wasting space and typing whatever pops into my mind since there's no album review on and I'm contractually obligated to type a certain amount of words?

You could be right.

For my awesome song pick, you would think I would go for a "raging rocker", but I don't. For some reason I really dig my pick this week even though it's almost TOO country, but then again it really isn't.

Well, that's it. Contractual obligation fulfilled.

Turn It Up

1.Turn It Up
2. I Believe
3. You Turn Me On
4. Peanut On A Plate
5. Sweet Southern Sound
6. Turn The Page
7. Watcha Gonna Do?
8. When I Think About It Now
9. Let It Shine
10. Roll With The Punches
11. Times Are Changin'
12. Can't Stop Rockin'

Availability: The MOD version costs around $16 or you can find a used copy of the original pressing for around $12.

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To be Frank, it does sound a bit like they borrowed a guitarist from Tesla. But then again, it's a well known fact that Winger, Tesla and Bon Voyageovi are all Nashville's best kept secrets. (Accept, too.)

Not bad for a Honky-Tonk.

Kinda looking forward to this one by your description...gotta catch up last week's first though.  Hopefully this weekend.

Good call on the Tesla vibe, holy cow!  The songs sound like they're tailor made for a concert hall but on CD the production is weak and the songs don't come alive like I think they could.  I think the vocalist has a decent voice but he loses control of it at times and it sounds funny.  Its not really country rock until Sweet Southern Sound comes on and thankfully, maybe even ,mercifully, it bares no resemblance to new country at all, or I would have hit the STOP button and bailed!  But is it the Cherry tune?  Hmmm....

This is actually very good!  And I'm agreeing with your red song, but rather its the cherry song.  Truly the album would have benefited from losing a couple tracks chopping the track count down to 10 - the perfect number of songs for an album.

With some production updates and the removal of some filler this may have stood a chance!

The reason you are all likely getting a Tesla vibe is that the band was led by Tesla's Frank Hannon.

It's not much but here's a little Wikipedia info.

The same Frank Hannon that's mentioned in the description?

Had you cited wiki-pedia as your source, I would have believed you

I don't feel the Tesla comparisons at all through the first 3 songs.  I don't feel the country rock vibe either.  Southern rock for sure, but not country rock.  Blackberry Smoke and Whiskey Myers do country rock much better than this.

I don't remember hearing the first 2 tracks at all, but the second one is pretty good.  There is some fine guitar playing for sure. And I get a brief Black Crows feel with that fourth song.  Okay, maybe a little Tesla there as well.  Sweet Southern Sound is reminiscent of the Allman Brothers.  Lots of slide guitar on this album.  Nothin' wrong with that. 

My final verdict is that this is an average listen.  The singer is average.  The tunes are mostly average.  The playing is average at a minimum, maybe a little better at times.  It's a mix up of southern rock artists like the Allman Brothers, Black Crows and maybe a bit of Skynyrd.  I'm glad to have heard it for sure, but not sad that it doesn't reside in my collection.


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