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Let's see......

This week it's the sixth album in the series that has nothing to do with the other series and it's also going to be a post where this makes sense unlike last week's post where the first paragraph really didn't make a whole hell of a lot of sense since a couple words were left out. Sure, I could have went back and corrected it, but what fun is that?

Stardrive, released in 1974 is the second (and last) album released by..........Stardrive! According to the small blurb on Amazon, "It is significant as one of the very first uses of the synthesizer as a lead instrument. Considered experimental at the time, it is a curiosity item that collectors have been clamoring for. The band featured keyboardist Robert Mason." Now you know why it states "Featuring Robert Mason" on the album cover. 

On the back of the album there's a nice little bio with some interesting tidbits:

1) Experimenting with all the existing modes of machinery and finding them of no use to his musical aim, Mason decided to build his own synthesizer.

b) No tedious blooze guitar.

3- No lisping vocalists.

g) Just Mason and his extra-special, extra-terrestrial machine, zipping through funkafide space like greased lightning.

What more can I add? the above explains it ALL!!!!!

No review on, but they do give it 4 stars. The reviews on Amazon are 4-5 stars because some folks like and get the funk.


1. Funkascensions
2. Ballad (I)
3. Jupiter Jump
4. Pulstar
5. Ballad (II)
6. Air Sauce
7. Ballad (III)
8. Journey

Availability: Around $3 new.

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Two Thumbs way UP!

Never heard of Stardrive and the only Robert Mason I know of was singing for Lynch Mob, Warrant. I doubt it's the same one. Nevertheless, great synth music. I like synth/keyboards as much as I like guitars. The only thing I like more is guitar synths (not to be confused with synth guitars).

No red track? Well they are all good, but then it all should be red. Gotta buy this one pronto.

And what the heck is Air Sauce and what is it's purpose?

Red track!

Dopey me.

I second that.

Let's see, I'm not necessarily a synth fan.  I don't mind them to an extent, but I've never found myself intersted in "checking out" and instrumental synth album.

That being said, this isn't a bad listen.  Kind of like hearing stuff from a soundtrack.  That's the feel I get.  It does sound pretty spacey.  Something interstellar.  

Anyway, it is what it is.  Kind of monotonous at times,but a decent enough listen.

Now heres some kewl electronik music!

This is strangely familiar. 5-4-3-1.


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