Classic Rock Bottom

This week it's the fourth album in that series but it could actually be a series all in itself. Wait. Does that make any sense?

From 1972 it's the second album from Golden Earring, Together. This is the album that came before their 1973 breakthru, Moontan which received gold status in the US and reached #12 on the charts. This week's selection did not chart in the US but did reach #6 in the Netherlands which may be kind of a disappointment since the previous two albums reached #1 there. Well, not a disappointment, but you get what I'm saying.   

Looking at the album cover, it's a bit amusing since it looks like an album cover from a 70's soft rock group. Calm setting, a fern, having themselves some tea (or coffee), a candle and a comfy chair. That and the album title just sounds soft-rocky.

Well, you're just going to have to listen to find out.

Before we get to the review, you might wonder why the red track has been selected as, well, the red track. Two words sums up why: LONG ASS DRUM SOLO AND IT'S NOT LIVE.

Together represents an important step forward for Golden Earring. Unlike the group's previous outings, the songs on this album don't fall into strict rock or progressive categories. Instead, the group blurs these strict lines and weaves elements of each genre into a distinctive style that gives the songs their unique flavor. For instance, "Brother Wind" has the complex arrangement and length of a prog rock epic, but it moves forward with the energy and powerful riffing of a hard rock song. The group also makes a concerted effort to give each song a tight arrangement and usually more than one catchy hook. The result is the band's first truly consistent album. Driving rockers abound on Together: "Avalanche of Love" is driven by a procession of gutsy riffs that live up to the song's title, and "Buddy Joe" is a surging, dramatic adventure tale built on a singalong chorus and an insidiously catchy Indian-style guitar riff (this rousing tune has remained a popular part of the band's live set list). "Jangalene" is another highlight, a cleverly arranged tune that starts out as an acoustic blues but flowers into a full-throttle rocker midway through. The downside of Together is that, while the songs are all solid and the arrangements stay interesting, it is slightly less adventurous than previous albums. As a result, its songs never quite hit the manic highs of past classics like "Big Tree, Blue Sea" or "She Flies on Strange Wings." Despite that minor quibble, Together remains an impressive album and clearly shows off the chops and songwriting skills that would bring the group a massive worldwide success the next year with Moontan.


1. All Day Watcher
2..Avalanche of Love
3. Cruisin' Southern Germany
4. Brother Wind
5. Buddy Joe
6. Jangalene
7. From Heaven from Hell
8. Thousand Feet Below You

Availability: New/used runs around $10-12.

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Somebody has purchased the Golden Earring boxset recently...

Two Words...  hahahahahahahahahahaha

What boxset?

Wow. $127? That kinda expensive.

Ya...  but for hard core fans, they could mow lawns and save up!

Or get it when it was around $90 with a special deal. That's around $3.10 PER DISC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, did you buy it?

Yes. Yes I did.

Jerk...just kiddin'.  Keep 'em coming.

Wow Jon, this is another really cool GE album.  I'm enjoying these posts.  

That first song is killer and should be the red track (well, it would be if I had control over it, but I don't).  Or maybe From Heaven From Hell should be the red track.  Just two really killer songs.  The vocals on the latter really make me think of Uriah Heep, early UH I guess.

No real drops in quality on this slab of music.  

My previous Golden Earring experience has really just been the two big hits.  Of course, I do have a couple of albums, but I've not spent much time with them.  But all these posts are making me want to open up that Amazon Credit Card and get the box set for about 57 dollars...


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