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It's the 10th album in a series of albums of which I have no clue what the series is about any longer. At one time I did, but I've aged since this series started and, as everyone knows, your mind goes as you get older.

I can tell you that this week's pick is the 1981 release from Billy Thorpe, 21st Century Man. This is the followup up to 1979's Children Of The Sun and is (supposedly) the continuation of the story started on side two of COTS.   

The story concludes with the four songs that end 1987's Children Of The Sun....Revisited but one of those songs was the title track of 1982's East Of Eden's Gate and it's not really technically part of the story but fans think it is because it fits in. A little bit confusing, I must say. 

You can get more of the story by reading the Amazon reviews. doesn't have a review for this album, so take what you can get.

21st Century Man

1. 1991
2. Solar Dawn
3. We Were Watching You
4. 21st Century Man
5. She's Alive
6. Rise
7. In My Room

Availability: A new or used copy runs around $13.

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If memory serves me correctly (and it usually does), sometime near or around April 28, 2015 at 11:13am I posted a SHT playlist titled "Blast Off" and 1991 was the lead off track.

In 1979 I had expanded my friend group to include a pretty cute group of girls.  One of which loved Rush!  And this album... So of course I loved it too!!  However fate took over and nothing ever happened romantically, but I did remain in the friend zone, so I got that going for me...  And though my initial interest in this album had nothing to do with the music, through repeated plays I came to truly enjoy it.

I suspect that the repeated listens is what would be required for the album to sit well with others, but in my mind its a classic and I do listen to it every so often.

Fine pick Jon, I really love 1991, Rise and In My Room, hard to cherry pick from that group, so I wont...  

Back when I was living across the pond, I had no idea this existed and I knew just a bit more about prog rock than an average listener would. So when I moved here, I was surprised to see this LP at a used vinyl store, because judging by it's cover it did look like a prog rock album that I knew nothing about. The price was more than acceptable, so I bought it and loved it at first hearing.

This debunks Scott's theory that repeat listen is in order to fully appreciate the masterpiece. It's what happens when one would use the wrong head to exerciser such activity, but don't worry, we all been there, so no biggie. Oops, that came out wrong. It's not what I meant.

On the other hand, I do agree with him on the 3 strongest cuts. However, I have no problem raising Rise slightly above the rest.

I'm perfectly content with the vinyl version, so there will be no CD upgrade for me, but I did pick up the Children Of The Sun... Revisited CD purely based on the strength of this album and was again pleasantly surprised by the presence of a guitarist I admire and had no idea he was part of that project.

I've been hearing Children of the Sun a good bit on the classic rock station that I listen to.  XM 25.  And I like it and I've been wanting to check that album out.  So I was glad to see this album pop up in your forum.  Then I thought about how much I forget these days, so I checked to see if you had ever posted the aforementioned album.  Nope.  At least I know I didn't miss it.

The first song is fairly epic.  Parts of it, believe it or not, remind me of King's X.  Overall, it has a very "classic rock" sound to it, so I'm thinking I may have missed the boat on this artist.  

So I decided to quit typing and just listen.  I've gotta say, overall, I like it.  All the components are there, nice guitars and terrific bass playing.  The last song seems a bit out of place, but it's okay.  I don't think Thorpe has a great voice, sounds kind of like a second rate Billy Squier.  But he isn't terrible.  Can't say for sure, but I may pick up Children of the Sun one day if I find it at the right price.

Another good post ol' boy!


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