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You know, it's always good to have a crack staff.

Last week I mentioned that the featured album was the second in a new series and as soon as I posted it, I was gently reminded that it was actually the third album in the new series. Of course I could have edited last week's post, but that felt like too much work so it remains, error intact.

You might be asking if I rewarded the crack staff. Of course I did! They got some beer and, well, you know. 

So, that brings us to this week's selection which is the fourth in a series that you'll have to figure out. It's the 1982 self-titled release from Spys, just another album you've been dying to hear. has no album review, but they do have a biography:

This US pomp-rock quintet was formed in 1981 by ex-Foreigner duo Al Greenwood (b. New York, USA; keyboards) and Edward Gagliardi (b. 13 February 1952, New York, USA; bass). Enlisting the services of John Blanco (vocals), John Digaudio (guitar) and Billy Milne (drums), they signed to EMI Records the following year. They debuted with a self-titled album, produced by Neil Kernon (of Dokken and Michael Bolton fame). This featured some upfront, punchy guitar work amid the sophisticated, keyboard-dominated arrangements.

The band name makes sense since we all know that all foreigners, no matter what country, are spys! Am I right or what??!! Especially Canadians. Most especially Canadians that have been banned for 24 hours.

Here's an interview from way back then with Al Greenwood and Edward Gagliardi that's an interesting read.


1. Don't Run My Life
2. She Can't Wait
3. Ice Age
4. Danger
5. Over Her
6. Desiree
7. Don't Say Goodbye
8. Iinto The Night
9. Hold On
10. No Harm Done

Availability: Around $11 new, cheaper if you have the Amazon Priiiiiiiiiiiiiiime. 

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Did you miss me? (It's a rhetorical question, but I'm sure it seemed longer to you than it did for me)

And I'd like to address your preposterous accusations, which for the record I can't deny nor confirm, because if I do then I have to shoot... above your head to scare you off... and that would be a waste of a perfect bullet.

I'm on to you, Sir... Yes, I am. All that, this series of that, that series of this and this is that, that is this... You think I don't know what's going on? I do. I can read you like an open Cyril script and I deciphered your messages... And it ain't pretty.

But let's talk about the album for now. It's great. I like every single tune on it. There isn't a hit song per se, but they all carry a certain quality that puts them above the average. With repeated listen, this could be an album on which I wouldn't have to skip a tack.

And we are back to you and your supposedly RED track. As I explained earlier, there is no such thing. You just want to stick RED above everything else. In which case you leave me with no other choice, but to make a political statement of my own. Not because it's on the bottom, but because it's completely opposite of your selection and because the last word is mine, the GREEN track is No Ham Done.

I don't recall any songs about pork? 

But, to be sure if the ham is done, might want to use a meat thermometer. 

You'd like that. Wouldn't you?

Oh, you used a fancy word with two "R"s in it. How long have you been waiting for that?

Please go back and listen to the song. The guy mentions Ham just about 50 times. He never pronounces the "R" (or perhaps it's a silent one) in the song. However, you will stick R's everywhere you can, because it's what Mother Russia wants you to do. RED and R's. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out it's you behind the curtain, pulling the strings of Toys R Us. With their star inside the "R" logo (and a reversed R at that) all it's missing is the hammer and a sickle to completely brainwash our children... But not me. I'm on to you, Sir.

Can't say I'm at all familiar with these guys, but then again, that is your job and it must mean you are doing it correctly. This is definitely dipped, dried and spit shined in the 80's.

But who says that's a bad thing, not me.

Sounds kind of like a mix of Survivor and Asia.  At least that's the best way I could describe it to someone who is deaf.

Is it Over Here or Over Her?  Sounds like Over Her to me.  Tracklisting says it's Over Here.  Could this be a typo on Jon's part.  That's quite hard to believe.  

Not a bad listen, until track 9 rears it's ugly head.  That song is truly terrible.

It's a typo from wherever I copied it from. Like I'm going to type out the song titles. Please.

Now, how would a deaf person know what Survivor and Asia sound like?

There are sign language interpreters of music. Who'd knew.

But I can just imagine RJhog doing what the Mandela memorial guy did.


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