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For the fifth album in this latest series, we're going way, way back to 1985 for the debut album from Fiona. That also happens to be the album title.

Now, I'm sure there's a few of you out there that will check out the album cover and assume that this is going to be along the lines of a Debbie Gibson album. So what if it is? Do you have a problem with Debbie Gibson? And, if you do, do you know (or then) have a problem with Fiona?

The album did reach #71 on the US charts while "Talk To Me" did have some minor chart success. She also went on to work with Bob Dylan and Reb Beach, among others. So, Debbie Gibson doesn't look that bad now, right?

For those wondering, the album cover has changed. Less Debbie Gibson for those that aren't into that sort of thing.

Well, let's let do the rest:

New Jersey's darker and more urgent response to the quirky pop of Cyndi Lauper, Fiona found herself plucked from near obscurity into the MTV spotlight with her minor hit "Talk to Me." A cross between the pop-metal of Heart and the throaty hysterics of Lita Ford, Joan Jett and Vixen, there are moments of unapologetic, polished rock that were designed for the pop charts, complete with bafflingly insipid lyrics. The only relief from the pop-metal onslaught comes in the form of the rock ballad "Love Makes You Blind," which easily could be an outtake from the Carnie and Wendy Wilson sisters and the "Na Na Song." Quite simply, it's good clean fun for people who liked to get dirty in the '80s.


1. Hang Your Heart On Me
2. Talk To Me
3. You're No Angel
4. Rescue You
5. James
6. Love Makes You Blind
7. Over Now
8. Na Na Song

Availability: New runs around $12.

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I would expect this to be straight up pop.  Maybe, but it definitely has a rock edge.  Definitely heavier than I expected.

She has a fine voice.  Talk To Me is a fine song.  She over-enunciates some of the words, but overall it is a fine song I say.

It even has a decent sax solo.

Really, You're No Angel sounds like it could have come out of many of the mid to late 80's hair band catalogs.  It really does.

It just continues on that way through the whole album.  It's much heavier on guitars than I would have thought.  It has the requisite 80's keyboard work.  Very good vocals.  I mean, she's no Pat Benatar, but she's really not far behind that. 

Surprisingly good listen.

Well, James isn't very good.  Sounds like she's trying to be Fiona does Joan Jett.  I just laughed a little when I read that back.

And the closer is a bit obnoxious.  

Six out of eight ain't bad my friend!

I don't have problem with Fiona. I have her 1989 album.

Not this one though, on which she looks like she has an imaginary jumping rope. No problem there either, but I wish the cover was one of those lenticular ones, so we can see her jumping, because I'm sure that's what she wanted us to see... her jumping. It's only due to the limitation of the print that we can't see her... jumping.

I don't think I heard any of these songs, so let's get to it.

Not bad.

It's not in the same league with Heart Of A Gun, but enjoyable listen, nonetheless. Bobby Messano really shines.

Well, its certainly not the Madonna rip-off the cover suggests...  But its definitely a product of the 80's, its baked in 80s production, songwriting and keyboards.  

Kinda sounds like she's going after a Patty Smyth vibe but her high notes approach the Ann Wilson-like ranges, but I like Smyths and Wilsons voices far better.

The issue here is the song writing, its predictable.  Even in 1985 I would have said that.  There are moments though, the guitar solos - though also full of 80's cliché - are done well.  Overall, not for me...  And I agree with your RED song assessment, theres not really any other choices here so the most unique song and the one that showcases her voice best should get the nod.  


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