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This is the sixth album in the current series and all these albums have something in common yet NOBODY has figured it out. NOBODY.

This, along with something else, makes me very sad.

So, all I'm going to say is that this week's selection is the 1981 release from Praying Mantis, Time Tells No Lies. 

For the rest of this (and to reach my contractual number of words) you're going to read the bio and album review, courtesy of


England's Praying Mantis was one of the more melodic bands to emerge from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene. They combined a Thin Lizzy-style twin guitar approach with Def Leppard-like vocal harmonies, resulting in a sound not unlike later-day Rainbow. Originally named Junction, the band was formed in the late '70s by brothers Tino (vocals/guitar) and Chris Troy (bass/vocals), later adding Steve Carroll (guitar/vocals) and Dave Potts (drums). This lineup released a three-track demo EP, Captured City, in 1980, the title track of which also appeared in the highly influential Metal for Muthas compilation. The band were soon signed to BMG Europe, and proceeded to record their debut album, Time Tells No Lies, released in 1981. It achieved modest success (by NWOBHM standards), and first single "Cheated" charted respectfully, earning Praying Mantis a slot on the prestigious Reading Festival. Regrettably, the band became embroiled in business and legal disputes with their management soon after, resulting in a year-long hiatus from recording or touring, and completely stalling their career. After being dropped by BMG, Praying Mantis disbanded. Then, in a Spinal Tap-ish twist of fate, the band found themselves enjoying a renaissance in Japan, prompting a reformation (with ex-Iron Maiden singer Paul DiAnno) and tour in 1990, which yielded the Live at Last LP. Praying Mantis has continued to record throughout the '90s with a number of different vocalists, releasing Predator in Disguise (1991), A Cry for a New World (1994), and To the Power of Ten (1995). None of these have charted or come close to recapturing the glory of their debut, but the band continues to tour the U.K. Fall 2000 saw the release of Nowhere to Hide.


Praying Mantis' 1981 debut Time Tells No Lies is a minor New Wave of British Heavy Metal classic. The album showcases the band's effective use of harmony vocals and guitars, as well as their knack for catchy hooks and choruses. Nowhere is this more successful than on lead-off single "Cheated," featuring a fantastic dual guitar harmony straight out of the Thin Lizzy handbook. "Running for Tomorrow" packs a Joe Lynn Turner-era Rainbow flavor while "Panic in the Streets" shows the band at their roughest NWOBHM moment.

Time Tells No Lies

1. Cheated
2. All Day And All Of The Night
3. Running For Tomorrow
4. Rich City Kids
5. Lovers To The Grave
6. Panic In The Streets
7. Beads Of Ebony
8. Flirting With Suicide
9. Children Of The Earth

Availability: New runs around $15 and included five bonus tracks (not included here).

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No idea on the theme I'll have to go back and see what I can turn up, but after last weeks album cover I was hoping you'd start a new one on side boob shots on album covers...  no such luck!!

Oh yeah, and theres no link to a player, otherwise I would have corrected your red track by now...

There's a player. What are you guys talking about? DO YOU ACTUALLY THINK I FORGOT TO LINK TO THE PLAYER???????

You must think I'm crazy.

I didn't know we were suppose to guess something. How could I, when you talk like we are all geniuses here. Why don't you break it down for me like I'm a five year old? So, Praying Mantis - Time Tells No Lies has something in common with which five other albums? And please spare me no details. I used to be pretty smart when in company of dumb kids, so I might know the answer if I know the question. It's all in the presentation, Baby.

Yeah, Scott is right no link to the music, but thankfully I have this (and few other Praying Mantis CD's) wait...

OK I grabed the one from my collection to listen to, because if I'm wait for Jon, the last years snow will melt. Hey!! Mine only got 3 bonus tracks. I feel Cheated. Got it?

I also have 5 other Praying Mantis CD's. They are all (including this one) on my Later pile, and I have two copies of To The Power Of Ten. WTF?? Just shows you how forgetful I am, or how little time I had to listen to the music. Oh, and I also got that Metal For Muthas compilation on CD they talk about.

Now, about the CD. Not bad. Not how I perceive NWOBHM in my mind, but I get the association with it, as the band was active when the wave swept through Europe. It's not surprising they didn't break more grounds. This is lighter than most of the stuff in that genre. I guess they didn't blend in well, otherwise I heard bands that fit the aforementioned bill better, but that's all the quality they have. At least Praying Mantis stands out, with their own sound. With better vocalist, this could have been bigger. Perhaps the band realized that, since vocalists were constantly changed.

Love that Rodney Matthews cover.

My favorite track is: Thirty Pieces Of Silver.

Cool album cover!

Aren't they all debut albums?

not if he's counting the outlaws as part of the series....

...or Billy Thorpe.

If this is the 6th in the series and Billy Thorpe is the first then in a twisted way they are all products of the 80's. With the odd one out being Billy's project that was finished posthumous. Maybe he started working on those songs in the 80's when the last album was released before the Tangier.

If that's not it then all the backgrounds on each cover are Deserted.

So what did I win?

Close your eyes. Tell me what you see.

Is it something you discuss in your in-depth in you write up?  Because if it's some rare producer or band member then we would have to look it up.  What's the deal?

Nothing I discuss in my thoroughly in-depth write ups. 

If you go to a certain site, it would make sense.

What's sad is that Scott should really know this.

And I mentioned something about this awhile ago. Scott replied to my post.

Now, all that should help?

I know the theme and I'll call it here so Yngvie and Bossman can get some sleep - knowing this is likely keeping them up at night...

These are all Rock Candy releases...  


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