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For the 15th album in the series, I need to make it perfectly clear that this is NOT Diamond Rio no matter what my car says. Hey, it also thinks that Mother's Finest is Urban and has a picture of two ladies that have nothing to do with MF, so what can you do?

Well, make it abundantly clear that this is not country music. Also let you know that you might have thought last week's album would be a "raging rocker" and, just by looking at this album cover (especially the guy in the green shirt) , that this would be pop. But, you see a couple tummies and there's no tummies on pop album covers. Right?

Dirty Diamonds was released in 1976 and didn't make much of an impact. Google Diamond REO and you'll mostly get........Diamond Rio. 

Nothing bio-wise or review-wise on allmusic, but there is this little blurb from Amazon:

The only real In-your-face hard rock act to blow out of Pittsburgh in the 1970s was this quartet of riff kings whose second album of explosive, earth shaking heaviness was the birth of modern arena rock as we know it. Obscure, but highly revered loud, mean, heavy rock...

This is quite raw, but really does rock. Hey, remember when patches on jeans were a thing?

Dirty Diamonds

1. All Over You
2. It Ain't What You Say, It's What You Do
3. Scratch My Back
4. Mamma Let Your Love
5. It's A Jungle Out There
6. Lover Boy
7. Power
8. Bad News
9. Boys Will Be Boys
10. Helter Skelter

Availability: Around $13 new.


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That guy in the green shirt does look like he bombed the picture. Why is the space between them blue?

I do like my Rock polished, but once in a while raw is good too. Nothing wrong with that and these guys keep the music tight enough to get me through the whole album. However these songs are quite forgettable after you heard them once. The Beatles cover stands out the most for me.

I'll echo some of the comments here.  Dude in green doesn't belong, but neither do the two guys to his left.  That is one nice striped shirt for sure.  

There is no polish whatsoever here.  It's almost like they totally forgot to produce it at all.  It's loose and disjointed. The vocals aren't anything to write home about, but I've heard worse.  

The songs are very forgettable. 

The one thing this has going for it is the guitar soloing.  It's like the guitar player doesn't care at all.  He just goes off whenever it's time for a solo.  That's definitely the best part for me.

The Motley Crue cover is okay.

I'd like to take this  opportunity to say Country music sucks, mmkay?  ...  Good thing this is not country music!  

I like the looseness somewhat, not purchase worthy, but there is something very cool about cutting it loose like the album is the last set of the night at the local watering hole.  I can imagine some situations where some of these tracks would play well..

  1. The aforementioned bar scene
  2. an outdoor kegger - I come from the great Rocky Mountains a natural party are in every nook and cranny!
  3. a hot summer night on the "cruise" with the windows down!

There's probably more but I think you get the picture...

Mamma Let Your Love is the first real Cherry pick candidate I hear, not a bad tune!  You may have a point on your RED track though...  Dammit Jon!

Power is the dud here, clearly not a good tune at all...  Is there such thing as a Grey track?  (Hey!  I got another idea to annoy Jon with!!)

I suggest they change their name to "Legs Diamond REO Speedwagon" at least they'd be unique....


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