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I know. But don't worry, it will happen.

I just thought that since the beginning of the year is pretty weak on new releases, I'll just go ahead and post something. Then I'll go bi-weekly. Maybe it will start now, maybe in a couple weeks. Maybe I just don't know.

Other than a 2003 release of previously un-released material, this is it from Aviary. Released in 1979, it didn't make much of an impact which is really a shame. This is pretty dang good, especially if you like some Queen-ish prog.

Full disclosure, I didn't too much looking around on the internet, but did get this from

Aviary was a late-'70s art-rock group made up of singer/keyboardist Brad Love, guitarist Toby Bowen, keyboardist Paul Madden, bassist Ken Steimonts, and drummer Richard Bryans, who managed to release one album before breaking up.


1. Soaring
2. Anthem For The USA
3. Puddles
4. As Close As You Can Get
5. Mystic Sharon
6. Feel The Heart
7. Average Boy
8. I Will Hear
9. Maple Hall

Availability: Around $20+ new or used. It does have a different album cover than pictured above.

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How about the 2015 release "Heartless"?

I saw that.....and didn't care to do any more research. So we shall say the original Aviary, one and done.

Just Before Christmas I heard Feel The Heart and I was about to look deeper into the band, but then I completely forgot about them. So this post is a good timing.

I don't hear Queen here. Maybe a bit of Saga and/or Tubes, but there is enough originality in Aviary not to assign any influences. This is the kind of Progressive Rock I like. Not overly complex, yet not simple either, with a wink at commercial recipes. They should have more fame than they do at the moment, that's for sure.

Funny thing, the way "I Will Hear" started, I was expecting the following lines:

"At First I Was Afraid,

I Was Petrified..."

So this is the band that influenced The Darkness?  No?  hmmm...

I do hear some Saga in the production, but I'd go more like StarCastle-like than Saga, but it doesn't approach anything as good as StarCastle and the musicians aren't nearly as good or interesting.  Really, the first song that made me pay attention was "Feel The Heart" but mostly because the keyboard intro was actually quite good, but then the vocals took my interest away.  And then it all fell off again.  

I'm good with the one-and-done approach to this band...  

So, why is it that you want to go to a bi-weekly posting?  I certainly think you should do what you want, but I wish you would keep posting weekly.  Just my opinion.

Man, at times, the singer sounds so much like Freddie Mercury.  Like on Puddles, and again on the beginning of As Close As You Can Get.  Not sure if that dude is still around, but if he is, maybe Brian May should be talking to him.  Not that he can still sing like that, just saying.

Feel The Heart starts out like it should have been a hit, but his vocals at times actually sound like The Darkness, which obviously came way after this band.  I wonder if The Darkness were more influenced by Aviary than by Queen. Hmmmm.

I can't say, other than possibly Feel The Heart, that there was anything her that would have warranted airplay, but it's a pretty good listen none-the-less.  Definitely a nice addition to the Lost/Forgotten files.

ya, this notion of posting bi-weekly (doesn't that mean twice a week anyway?) is not cool!


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