Classic Rock Bottom

Who? Target

When? 1976

Album Title? Target Review? No, but they do give it 4.5 stars

Anyone who I might know? Jimi Jamison? about an bio? Yeah....but no. 

Hmmmm....does Amazon have something? Sure!

Arguably the British rock scene was hugely influenced by the massive commercial impact of American melodic rock bands that emerged during the late 70s. However there was a time, earlier in the decade, when British rock cast a huge impact on American music. Acts such as Free, Bad Company, Trapeze and Deep Purple were the hot ticket items of the time and their influence was staggeringly persuasive... not least on Target. Memphis based Target were keen students of the British sound and forged their style and identity with exacting accuracy. It was a style that showcased vocalist Jimi Jamison's (later to join Survivor) vocals perfectly, a wonderful combination of rough-hewn growls delivered with velvet smoothness, sitting proudly atop songs that packed a decidedly blues rock punch. The combination was hugely compelling. Discovered by Black Oak Arkansas frontman Jim Dandy and his manager, in a Memphis Club, the five piece band were soon signed to A&M records and put in to the legendary Ardent Studios, with producer John Ryan, to cut this, their debut album. It is a work of sublime proficiency, digging deep into soulful grooves and muscular rock. Despite a concerted effort, including a thirty date US tour opening for Black Sabbath, the record failed to resonate commercially with the public at the time but did it provide a healthy platform from which to launch their follow up album.


1. Love Just Won't Quit
2. Bad Boy
3. Let Me Live
4. Just A Little Too Much
5. Can't Fake It
6. 99 1/2
7. You Need A Woman
8. Let Me Down Easy
9. Workin' Song
10. Are You Ready

Availability: Around $16 new or used.

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The remastered versions of this album and the second album are out via Rock Candy Records. And just last year, the "Lost" 3rd album was given an official release. I reviewed it I believe.

I haven't listened to this one in years so I may just have to pull it out and give it a spin.

Wow, the Paul Rodgers and Bad Company similarities are strong here!  Even the guitar tones say Mick Ralphs.  Though his voice is easily recognizable, his style here, and as the singer in Survivor, are different.  Talented guy!  I still love Bickler as the original voice but I think I underestimated this guy a good bit.  I am liking this!

Interesting listen on this!  The closer was really the only one that went off script (so to speak) but it was cool as well.  I'm going to revisit this....

I remember when this and the other Target CDs were reissued. What I can't remember is weather I listened to the samples at the site I usually buy my Melodic Rock or not. Well, here is my chance to rectify that.

Geez, I got busy this past weekend and didn't get a chance to listen to this.  Before I knew it, the week was gone.  But luckily, the little lady is watching Celebrity Big Brother, which gives me a great reason to pop in the ear buds.

Well, the first two tracks just don't really do anything for me.  Don't get me wrong, it's not bad, but nothing about it stands out to me.

That third track grabs me though.  Very nice.  It's got a nice southern feel.  The only complaint I have is that, with it's somewhat epic feel, the guitar solo should have been so much more.

I was thinking southern rock, but yeah, track five has Bad Co. written all over it.

I don't really hear the voice I recognize as JJ.  Not  sure why. 

The album picks up very, very nicely on Let Me Down Easy and Workin' Song.  The latter is absolutely the best song here. That bad boy is a knockout! After those two songs, the closer is a bit of a let down.

Still, fairly decent post buddy boy!


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