Classic Rock Bottom

Who? Nazareth

When? 1992

Album Title? No Jive

Is This Southern Rock Which Someone Requested? No

So...Why This Album? Because it's pretty darn good and maybe you haven't heard it? Review? Yes

After vanishing from the rock music world for a few years, Nazareth reappeared with its first '90s release, 1992's NO JIVE. The world may have been in the grips of the grunge revolution, with such new and exciting bands as Nirvana and Soundgarden leading the charge, but Nazareth stuck to its guns and partied like it was still 1979.

NO JIVE is easily Nazareth's best since at least 1980's MALICE IN WONDERLAND, as the group rocks and rolls through 11 cuts, highlights being "Hire and Fire," "Right Between the Eyes," and "Thinkin' Man's Nightmare." This strong album makes you wonder what would have happened had it been released in the early '80s, when the band needed a focused album to put it back on track.

No Jive

1. Hire And Fire
2. Do You Wanna Play House
3. Right Between The Eyes
4. Every Time It Rains
5. Keeping Our Love Alive
6. Thinkin' Man's Nightmare
7. Cover Your Heart
8. Lap Of Luxury
9. The Rowan Tree / Tell Me That You Love Me
10. Cry Wolf

Availability: The Salvo remaster, which also includes Snakes 'N' Ladders, can be had for around $13 new or used. It also includes bonus tracks (on both albums) which are not included here. Note that the original CD & cassette versions included a re-remake of "This Flight Tonight" which is also not included here but is on the Salvo remaster.

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I love Malice in Wonderland, if this is close to that I'll be very happy

I'm a Naz fan, have been since I ripped off, I mean borrowed my brothers copy of Loud N Proud.  This Flight Tonight was captivating, didn't know it was a cover at the time and I didn't care when I found out it was since that came well after stealing, I mean also borrowing Razamanaz, Hair of the Dog and Close Enough For Rock N Roll.  I was hooked in...  Since converting to CD media I've been picking up the Loud N Proud remasters as well, they are a ton of fun to dig into from time to time but my interest in the band sort of ended with The Fool Circle, that one threw off the train.

McAfferty's voice still sounds great on this album and the mid-tempo thump of the opener is a nice way to start out.  This album also features guitarist Billy Rankin who's solo album "Growin' Up Too Fast" eludes me as I cant find a copy on CD, that one has some sentimental value to me...  This album has some strong new wave feel to it.  Not a bad thing as it does harken back to Malice, this is a bit different though with more distortion in the guitar sound.  I like it though roams a good bit on styles it has a cohesive feel...  May be putting this one in the wish list...

Cool post!  Hoping all is well for you....

This is the first Nazareth I got on CD. It was through one of the music clubs. Great album. I especially like the way it closes. It's the two songs I listen to most.

The album was also very important for me, because it reminded me of the bands existence and after this purchase, I went on to buy almost all ( except the Exercises CD) of their back catalog (the Castle/Essential remasters).

Remarkable band, that perhaps should be more popular. They are coming to place where I live, in the summer to Rock The Lake over 3 days, with Randy Bachman, Little River Band, Men Without Hats, The Sweet, Glass Tiger, Northern Pikes, Doug & The Slugs, The Stampeders, Barney Bentall & The Legendary Hearts and Ian Thomas. I'm still debating whether I should be there.

I started this last night, but only got through 2 songs before I got so sleepy that I had to turn it off and get to sleep.  Now, I didn't get sleepy because it was boring.  I really like the first four tracks or so.  I think they were very strong. 

Thinkin' Man's Nightmare gave me a bit of a ZZ Top vibe.  I dig it. 

Really, other than a couple of tracks, it's pretty good start to finish.  This was a good post.

Oh yeah, I do own this.  I bought it a while back in the used CD store.  I went in and someone had dumped a bunch of Nazareth and I grabbed it all.  I had not listened to it before this though.  


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