Classic Rock Bottom

Who? Max Webster

When? 1975

Why? Silly Americans may not know of this band.

Anyone in particular? Yes, and he knows who he is. 

Is this punishment for that BJ album last week? Well, "punishment" might be too harsh. review? Yes.

Max Webster was an unusual beast as bands go. They seemed to try for a sound that bordered on anthemic arena rock and progressive rock. However, the textures of the music made it feel like they just barely missed. The group had a sound that was quite quirky and off-kilter, while still trying for those more accessible rock sounds. This disc, their debut, certainly shows off all of those textures. The material ranges from hard-edged straightforward metal to rock ballads and fun, almost punky, territory. The final track on the album, "Lily," is an extended progressive rock jam that is the strongest piece on the disc. That cut seems to embody sounds of such groups as Yes and Rush, but still with a touch of Max Webster's weirdness. If you are looking for an intriguing take on the arena rock/prog territory, give these guys a chance, but remember that their sound is definitely on the quirky side.

Max Webster

1. Hangover
2. Here Among The Cats
3. Blowing The Blues Away
4. Summer Turning Blue
5. Toronto Tontos
6. Coming Off The Moon
7. Only Your Nose Knows
8. Summer's Up
9. Lily

Availability: Appears the Rock Candy remaster is OOP and going for around $40. There is another version frm Anthem that can be had for around $11, not sure if it's a remaster.


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I borrowed this CD from my friend long time ago and I ripped Toronto Tontos for myself. It puts a smile on my face every time I hear the song. Couldn't remember what was I thinking of the whole album, though. After re listening I like the opening track and the second half is pretty good. Tracks 2-3 and 4 are not weird enough.

I've heard the name but I have no familiarity with the band whatsoever.  I've heard of Kim Mitchell.  Didn't he do that song Go For A Soda?  Something like that.

Vocalist does not sound very good at all on track one.  The bass is really good on Here Among The Cats.  Really cool.  Really.  

As this goes on, the vocals don't get any better.  At all.  Toronto Tontos, while a fairly cool title, is a real head scratcher.  But Coming Off The Moon is quite nice.  

Some of this is close to stunning musically, like Only Your Nose Knows.  

Overall, it's okay.  I like it musically for sure.  I wouldn't be opposed to hearing more.


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