Classic Rock Bottom

Who? Big Country

When? 1988

Album title? Peace In Out Time

Why? I like this album even though those silly critics did not and it's quite divisive among BC fans.

Why else? Well, the album cover is quite colorful.  

Negative review ? Yes.

For its fourth album, Big Country made two changes seemingly intended to bolster its fortunes in America -- switching from Mercury Records to Reprise and enlisting hot producer Peter Wolf. The bagpipe guitar sound was de-emphasized, along with the political lyrics, and Wolf treated singer Stuart Adamson as he had Starship singer Mickey Thomas, adding echo and backup harmonies to beef him up. On songs like the lead-off single "King Of Emotion" (Top 20 in Britain, non-charting in the U.S.), Wolf sought to retain Big Country's heroic quality while adding the widescreen dramatic style and cheerleader choral approach of Starship's "We Built This City." It was a brave try, but didn't really suit the group, making Peace In Our Time Big Country's least representative and least interesting album. (Nevertheless, the title track made the U.K. Top 40, and "Broken Heart [Thirteen Valleys]" also charted.)

Peace In Our Time

1. King Of Emotion
2. Broken Heart(Thirteen Valleys)
3. Thousand Yard Stare
4. From Here To Eternity
5. Everything I Need
6. Peace In Our Time
7. Time For Leaving
8. River Of Hope
9. In This Place
10. I Could Be Happy Here

Availability: A few versions are available but if you're interested in this album as well as four others, pick up the 5 Classic Albums set from Spectrum. All the albums in the set are remastered and you can get it for less than $20. That's around $4 per album!

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Big Country was always a background music to me. Nothing is bad to complain about, but pretty monotone to carry a party, unless you want the party to wind down.

My friend had something from them, he recorded on a tape I listened to. I can't remember which song(s), but it wasn't any of these. As I recall the music was snappier. Kind of like "River Of Hope" where I had hopes it will finally pick up the pace to close the album, but it was a false Alarm. (Speaking of which... Another band I'd file in the same bin.)

Little late getting to this one, but I finally did so tonight.  I have one Big Country CD but I'm not even sure I've ever listened to it before.  Of course, their sound for me is their big hit.  That's what I think of when I think of Big Country.

Out of the box, I'm not floored, but I'm interested.  

Then along comes Thousand Yard Stare.  That one really grabs my attention.  It's a pretty killer song.

Unfortunately, the rest of the album fades into the background.  The one thing that does stand out to me through the entire recording is the bass guitar playing.  It's pretty cool.


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