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Who? Wishbone Ash

When? 1991

Album title? Strange Affair

Is this a pain to get? It was....... review ? No, and only a few reviews on amazon. Three to four stars depending on where you look so it's up to you to decide.

Strange Affair

1. Strange Affair
2. Wings Of Desire
3. Renegade
4. Dream Train
5. Some Conversation
6. Say You Will
7. Rollin'
8. You
9. Hard Times
10. Standing In The Rain

Availability: Well, you can spend around $125 for a used copy. Or, you can get that boxset which contains a Wishbone Ash album or two......

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It's been a while since you posted a Wishbone Ash album.  I would not be familiar at all with the band if you had not posted a bunch of their albums a while back.  I for one am glad you did.

The guitar on the first song is ZZ Top"ish", while Wings Of Desire is straight up pop music.  Funny thing is, I like the latter. Not a lot of guitar noodling through the first two songs, but what's there is the usual killer playin'.  Renegade is more of the same.  I get a dreamy feel from Dream Train, not sure why.  But it's a very good song.  With a lot of noodling.  Very good noodling.

Same Conversation is quite Journey"esque".  I feel surprised to be making that comment regarding a Wishbone Ash song. Then a second straight ballad.  It has that same dreamy feel as Dream Train. 

Some of this even sounds a little new wave.  Nothing wrong with it.

I have to say I like that closer too.  

This is a very solid album.  I enjoyed listening to it!


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