Classic Rock Bottom

Who? It Bites

When? 1989

Album title? Eat Me In St. Louis

Isn't this a compilation album? In the US it was, but in the rest of the world it was not even though the album title was the same. Confused?

The album cover kind of reminds me of Yes?  Roger Dean.

Someone did not like the It Bites album you posted just a few weeks ago. Why are you posting something from this band again? BECAUSE I CAN! review ? For this? No. For the compilation?  Yes.

Eat Me In St. Louis

1. Positively Animal
2. Underneath Your Pillow
3. Let Us All Go
4. Still To Young To Remember
5. Murder Of The Planet Earth
6. People Of America
7. Sister Sarah
8. Leaving Without You
9. Till The End Of Time
10. The Ice Melts Into Water
11. Charlie
12. Having A Good Day
13. Reprise
14. Bullet In The Barrel
15. Vampires

Availability: See previous It Bites post!

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This is the second album I listened to today.  

I wasn't expecting much, based on my feelings about the previous album by It Bites that you posted.  But I really did like this one.  I thought it was much better than the other one.

For some reason, I got a strong Genesis feel.  Maybe because I thought the singer quite often sounded like Peter Gabriel. I don't even know what PG era Genesis sounds like.  I've never listened to an album, but I have been hoping to find some used recently.  Anyway, that's the vibe I got, correct or not.

I thought it was more proggy than the last one too.  I even liked that instrumental.

Good post that I finally got caught up on.


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