Classic Rock Bottom

Who? Outlaws

When? 1979

Album title? In The Eye Of The Storm

Is this your last post for a couple of weeks? Yes

Hey, they all have a mustache! review? No, but it's one of those albums fans either like or don't. Maybe the band didn't either. But it is more hard-rockin' than expected. 

In The Eye Of The Storm

1. The Lights Are On (But Nobody's Home)
2. Long Gone
3. It's All Right
4. Miracle Man
5. Comin' Home
6. Blueswater
7. (Come On) Dance With Me
8. Too Long Without Her
9. I'll Be Leaving Soon

Availability: You can get this with Los Hombres Malo for around $13 and remastered. 

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These guys are playing a show about 30 minutes from me on August 2nd. I am not going because I've already got tickets for a show elsewhere that night but it is funny that they'd be featured here when they are actually going to be in my area.

I listened to two LFAOTW's today. This one and one other.  My verdict is...I don't like it.

For me, it's simple.  This band needs Henry Paul.  And I don't hear his voice here.

I think the singing is not very good.  

And quite honestly, even though there is the usual good guitar playing, the songs are just week.

Hopefully I'll remember if I ever see this around to not pick it up.

Drums are weak in the mix sound like they were taped live in the basement and not run through any mixer...  Actually after listening to Long Gone the drummer is weak as well.  Sorry drummer guy, too harsh?  The fills are just not very good...

I think bossman is right, this band requires Henry Paul for everything, guitars, songwriting and attracting quality drummers.

Still there just has to be red track!  But I'm still going through this and the first nice song I hear is Comin' Home, still it has an unfinished quality about it and drummer isn't doing the band any favors on those fills again.  However, I did like the geetar work and there is a really melodic quality to it.

Bluewater has the standard Southern Rock dual guitar soloing outro, but the song never rose to RED status for me...  Too Long Without Her sounds like a demo.  Still there's hope in the closing track, I love the phaser effect in the ending solo and the riff is really nice!  There's hope for this band but this lineup would have change...

Clearly the obvious RED track is Comin' Home.  Sad to see this band slip like this.

Henry Paul could just do the drumming himself.


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