Classic Rock Bottom

Who? Love/Hate

Again? Yes.

Why? That one person who took the time to post something about last week's selection absolutely LOVED it!

When? 1992

Album title? Wasted In America review? Yes.

Kicking off with perhaps their best single yet, Wasted in America's title track propels Love/Hate into what initially promises to be another amphetamine-fueled romp through hard-rock excess. This promise soon turns to disappointment, however, as the subsequent songs lack the focus of the band's once fabulously straightforward sound. If anything, Love/Hate is guilty of trying to cover too much ground, and pieces like "Spit," "Happy Hour," and "Yucca Man" alternate reliably catchy choruses with strangely jagged, off-kilter verses. The result is more disjointed than exciting, and further attempts at creepy atmospherics ("Cream," "Don't be Afraid") and acoustic forays "Don't Fuck With Me," "Social Sidewinder" are more amusing than interesting. Of the remaining tracks, the only real winning moments arrive with the interesting dynamics of "Time's Up" and the pop hooks of "Miss America." Hardly a bad album, Wasted in America simply leaves a lot to be desired when compared to its predecessor.

Wasted In America

1. Wasted In America
2. Spit
3. Miss America
4. Cream
5. Yucca Man
6. Happy Hour
7. Tranquilizer
8. Time's Up
9. Don't Fuck with Me
10. Don't Be Afraid
11. Social Sidewinder
12. Evil Twin

Availability: Around $9 used for the older version (which sounds pretty good and is featured here) or there is the newly released Rock Candy version for around $16.

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You know, I was looking for something to listen to after having my favorite playlist on loop all week. It’s a fine playlist though, check it out…

  • Alone Again Naturally – Gilbert O’Sullivan
  • A Lonely Life – Tony Carey
  • Alone Again – Dokken
  • Exquisitely Bored – Pete Townshend
  • Alone – Heart
  • Lonely Ol’ Night – John Mellencamp
  • Ask The Lonely – Journey
  • Rock Myself to Sleep – April Wine

And so it goes, on and on … and on ... Anyway, after looping through that a dozen or so times, I was about to reacquaint myself with the recent release from Jeff Lynne’s ELO titled ‘Alone In The Universe’ just for a change of pace, and then this was posted. So, I’m shifting gears…

I like this but the vocalist is hit or miss depending on the style of the song. Who knew #9 would be the “slow song”. I like the band and liked last weeks album too, maybe a bit better than this one. So, no red track this week, who cares anyway? Nobody’s reading this…


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