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Who? Dave Davies

When? AFL1-3603

Album title? Dave Davies review? Yes.

For his first solo disc, Dave Davies came out swinging with the great AFL1-3603, titled after the record's catalog number and also as a slap at the bar coding that had begun to be put on nearly everything. This album rocks; from the opening "Where Did You Come From" right on through to "Run," there is a sense that Davies was out to prove that his brother Ray wasn't the only force in the Kinks. Chock-full of the best bits of the Kinks' guitar rockers, AFL1-3603 also holds lots of power pop treasures, such as the very lovely "Imaginations Real" and the nice change of pace "Visionary Dreamer." Doing all the guitars, vocals, keyboards, and most of the bass and drums, as well as producing and writing all the tunes, Dave Davies proves he can out-Kink brother Ray and do it with a refreshing style. AFL1-3603 is a winner.


1. Where Do You Come From
2. Doing The Best For You
3. Visionary Dreamer
4. Nothin' More To Lose
5. The World Is Changing Hands
6. Move Over
7. See The Beast
8. Imaginations Real
9. In You I Believe
10. Run

Availability: Well, if you look around you can find it for around $20, but it's a fairly hard find. Plus the CD comes with a bonus track (not included here).

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I give it a spin.

I like this.  I don't know a lot about Davies.  As a matter of fact, I thought this was the same Davies that released an album a year or two ago that I bought.  But nope, this is the guitar player.  

The music is really good.  So is some of the singing.  Some of the singing is a little out of range or something, which doesn't work great.  But it's definitely a good little slice of power pop, just like the review says.  Imaginations Real is a fantastic song, both vocally and musically.  

I will say that at times, when he's singing too high, he sounds like Sting, though not as good.  But heck, he's a guitar player, what else would you expect.  Anyway, another enjoyable post.


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