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That hair!


Those clothes!


It must be 70's music!


This week we're going ALL THE WAY back to 1977 and the third Journey release, titled "Next". And this ain't your babysitter's Journey. Is that right though? "Babysitter's Journey"? Maybe it should be "this ain't YOUR Journey, depending on how old your are".


Whatever. There's no Steve Perry here, but there is Gregg Rolie.....


Instead we have prog-rock, a little Chicago-style rock, some psychedelic rock...kinda everything but the typical "hit single rock". They probably thought they might have had a hit single here, but guess not. Guess that wouldn't happen till the next album.


No Steve Smith here either. Instead, it's Aynsley Dunbar on the drums and he's really not too shabby if I say so myself. 


If you only know Steve Perry+ Journey, give this album a try, you might like it. If you like 70's music, at least.


Nothing else much to say except that I like this album.




1. Spaceman

2. People

3. I Would Find You

4. Here We Are

5. Hustler

6. Next

7. Nickel And Dime

8. Karma




Availability: Easily found for around $6.


MSoTW: Another easy one this week, I'm kind of slacking in this area recently....



But I'm not slacking here!




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I have this, but haven't listened in a while.  Will listen soon.  I do remember liking Spaceman and I think one other song, but I can't remember which one.


Schon's fro is outstanding!

Whoa, whoa whoa......"a faceless god", he sings, well the start sounded like Symphony X, but I wasn't sure, when he started to sing, but then he sang those words, and on the newest Symphony X-album, there's a track called "Children Of A Faceless God", it's not this song though, BUT..... my guess of this weeks MSoTW are : Symphony X, and is the track called "Faceless God"?????
You got the band, but not the song title.
There's no chance in hell, that I'm gonna "find" the song-title without cheating, and I'm no "Superhero", so I'm getting off here. 

Revelation (Divus Pennae Ex Tragoedia)


Never mind the linkage, I just copied and pasted the song title from Too long and too foreign to type out!

Okay, gave it a fresh listen this weekend.  While I don't think it's terrible at all, I'm really glad they found Steve Perry.  Not that I don't like Rolie's voice, it's different but kinda cool.  But in my opinion, it's kinda like Ace Frehley to me, I like to hear him sing from time to time, but not full-time. 


I was correct, I do like Spaceman, and I think it's the best song on this album.  But that second song I was thinking of comes from their debut album, not this one, and it's called In My Lonely Feeling/Conversations.


Good post though Jon.  A similar one from Styx would be cool.  Just saying.

OK! Made that easy for me!

I liked Spaceman and Next and thats about it, the rest was a bit... oh I dont know...  odd?  It doesnt feel prog, jazz, or rock and roll, it just feels experimental and unfinished. 


Have you ever went to your favorite CD store picked up a handful of purchases and then proceeded to set some of them back in their bin?  Ive done tis with the all of the 1st three Journeys before, and I think Im glad I put them back..  Dont get me wrong, I enjoyed this lsten, but I dont tink I would listen to it again after this. 


I like RJ's idea, do you happen to have The Serpent is Rising?

That I do!
consider this my formal request for posting it in a LAOTW sometime in the near future
Just curious Scott, have you heard it before or is it just something you have wanted to hear?
I have heard it before at one of my older brithers friends house, I remember liking it, but its been decades since then (at least 3 of them)


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