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It's March and it's all for the ladies........

I'm going to kick it off with the 1992 release from Canada's Sass Jordan, titled "Racine". I was debating on whether to do the followup album "Rats" but that one got a bit of airplay in the U.S. so we'll go with her second album which is as good as the followup.

Guess there'll be some comparisons to Janis Joplin (which is on target since I've believed she's played JJ on stage), but she does have her own style I think. Bluesy, kinda husky,

Hard rock, blues rock or whatever you wanna call it. First song sounds a bit like The Black Crowes as well, but BETTER. At least to me.

Never heard her first album which preceded this, but from what I've read it's along the lines of a Starship album. Yeah, I think this is a complete departure.

1. Make You A Believer
2. If You're Gonna Love Me
3. You Don't Have To Remind Me
4. Who Do You Think You Are
5. Windin' Me Up
6. I Want To Believe
7. Goin' Back Again
8. Do What Ya Want
9. Cry Baby
10. Where There's A Will
11. Time Flies

MSoTW: It's back FOR A LIMITED TIME!!!!!!

Availability: OOP but can be found for a few bucks.

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So right off the bat I know the MSOTW!  And how I missed this even when it came from deep in the well of Jons collection, you know the deep abyss that only Jon knows?  (Like Benson Burner)...  I digress...  I shall not give this one up, it is not the right time!  Just know that I know!


More to come...

No clue on the Mystery song, but I dig it. 

I'm really diggin' this Sass Jordan.  I made it through the first 4 tracks and this is a really good album.  I'm gonna try and listen to the rest of it some time tomorrow (while I can listen with the good ear phones).

Regarding the mystery song...  relax your mind and think back to the Renaissance period...

I don't have to listen to this album via the Net.

I own it already and the follow up Rats, which is even harder/grittier than Racine.

Racine is a purely awesome album. I was blown away from the first time I listened to it.

As a matter of fact, I just listened to the album last week as I'm in the midst of a complete collection play through. I love "Make You A Believer" which was the big single from the album. Pretty much, I think this one was one of those "PERFECT" albums.

Oh and "I Want To Believe" is plainly beautiful.

Sass Jordan is flat out fantastic.


Rats kicks serious butt!

Have you guys heard saint jude's diary of a soul fiend? Kinda similar sound, but sass is definitely heavier.

I just ordered Racine and Rats from Amazon Marketplace, just over 6 bucks total (shipping included) for both of them.

Listened to the first three, and I cant get the Black Crowes out of my mind when I listened, the music is interchangeable.  So far its just ok for me...  Im not feeling the vocal style..  More to come...

Listened to the rest on Sunday.  I think the first 4 songs are much stronger than the rest of the album.  It kinda peters-out...but it's still decent.  Now I own it so I'll spin it, along with Rats, and see what happens.

So this is OK for me, but I cant get passed the comparison to The Black Crowes and Melissa Etheridge.  This seems way way to close in sound and vocal style.  If someone were to play this and tell me its Etheridge, I would believe them...


Best Track:  Windin' Me Up

Worst Track: Do What You Want

Purchaseability: Nope

To Jon...


THe MSOTW...  Is this the same band that came out of the Yardbirds in the late 60's?

You kinda "hinted" at it above....


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