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Here's the story:


Way back in 1989, when I lived in Nebraska, a friend and I went to a farmer's supply store. He was there to pick up something to do with farming (maybe overalls, I don't know) and I was just there for the ride. 


As soon as we entered the store, I wandered away since I wasn't too keen on looking at farming stuff. To my surprise, I found a bin with hundred of cassettes, so I was set. (Hell, if I went to a wedding gown store, I'd try to find a music section causethat's what I do. Not go to wedding gown stores, but look for music. Had to clear that up.)


Of course there was a ton of country & western music, but after much digging, I found an album by Kansas. Looking at it, I wasn't sure that it was THAT Kansas since the logo was different ("Drastic Measures" notwithstanding) and the cover art was not really Kansas-looking.


But hey, it was 99 cents, so I couldn't go wrong and I made my huge purchase that day.


On the drive home, I popped tha sucker in and was stunned. This album is incredible. My favorite Kansas album,period. Forget "Leftoverture" or "Point Of Know Return", this, to me is THE Kansas album.


I mentioned this album to another friend of mine and let him borrow the cassette. When he brought it back (some people do!) he was equally stunned, so stunned he went out and picked up this album so he could have his own copy. 


Loosely based on a 1951 flood in Kansas, it had one very minor hit with "Stand Beside Me" which I had heard on the radio before picking up the album. Don't remember if I didn' like the song enough to pick up the album when it came out in 1988, but better a year late than never.   


So, this week we have "In The Spirit Of Things" from Kansas, produced by Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Kiss) wth Steve Morse (Dixie Gregs, Deep Purple) on guitar, along with Steve Walsh, Phil Ehart, Billy Greer and Richard Williams, so it's not like a Kansas with a bunch of new folks. This is the second (and last) Kansas album with Steve Morse, and there's some very stellar playing throughout.


Kind of a depressing album if you listen closely. But that's ok, because I say it is. 


Finally, if the last song, "Bells Of Saint James" doesn't send a chill down your spine, you're not human.     




In The Spirit Of Things


1. Ghosts*

2. One Big Sky*

3. Inside Of Me*

4. One Man, One Heart*

5. House On Fire  

6. Once In A Lifetime

7. Stand Beside Me

8. I Counted On Love*

9. The Preacher*

10. Rainmaker*

11. T.O. Witcher

12. Bells Of Saint James*****************************************(because it's that damn good)






Availability: Cheap! About a buck used, about 7 bucks new at Amazon. If you buy it, pick up "Power" as well since it's the same price ($6.98) and I'm only here to help. 


On the player below as well as the freshest Mystery Song Of The Week! Can the streak continue?













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Call me dummy (I'm sure you will), but I don't know again this week. I'll keep listening, and one day I'll surprise everybody and get one right, then I'll quit playing.......not really.

I had to listen to the last track on the Kansas album, since you built it up so high, and I do like it. I wasn't able to concentrate and hear the lyrics very well. My computer room is now the baby's room, and my wife was going through some presents and making a lot of noise. But I'll listen to the whole album this week and report back with my thoughts.
And the streak continues.....
Well, my streak continues as well. I know this... I seen Blackfoot open up for this band in 82... Oh yeah, plus I had this album...
Do you also have one by these guys that shows someone fishing?
yes, in the middle of the street... My favorite cover was the one after the album the mystery song is on...
Ahh yes..the one where someone looks like they're about to take a bite out of something. Nice album title too.
Well, my memory was a little foggy, but once I put on my thinking hat, I realized who it was....actually.....I cheated. But I got it now.
Cheated? So the streak is intact?
Good album, Jon. I've never heard it until now. I really like Inside Of Me, One Man, One Heart and Bells Of Saint James.
Bells Of Saint James.....what a song!


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