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From the forthcoming album "Handwritten", that will be released in the end of july:

The Hives are a Swedish garage rock band that first garnered attention in the early 2000s as a prominent group of the garage rock revival. Their mainstream success came with the release of the "greatest hits" album Your New Favourite Band, featuring their most well-known song "Hate to Say I Told You So". From the new album "Lex Hives":

"Boat on the River" is a 1980 song by Styx, from their album Cornerstone. It was released as a single, but did not chart in the band's native United States. However, it was popular in several German-speaking countries, becoming a top-five hit on the German, Austrian and Swiss charts (reaching number one on the latter.)

"Stop Loving You" is a song from The Seventh One. Initially recorded by Joseph Williams and, during choruses, Jon Anderson on backing vocals, it was passed on to Tony Spinner in 2002. As a single, it peaked at no. 2 on the Dutch charts and no. 96 on the UK charts in 1988.

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THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM ...1 Danish on a turntable at 78 speed
45's were cool!  Though this song isnt really very good.  They remind of someone but I cant place it, I want to say Thrid Eye Blind but maybe thats not it.  Oh Well!

THE HIVES ... 2 Danishes with Benadryl cream cheese frosting
Song kinda stinks, but the video is actually pretty cool!  Love the floating stage attached to a Zeppelin idea.

STYX ... 5 Danishes floating in a boat on the river
Never seen this video before, way way cool!  This is the way I prefer to remember this band.  I'm talking about the way they sound, look, and interact!  Oh how I long for a reunited Styx and the opportnity to look at that Gowan inposter in the eyes and say "Dont let the door hit on your way out!"

TOTO ...3 heartless Danishes who have moved onto a better things
The audio is out of sync with the video so its not easy to watch, but thank goodness I know this alubm, song and version of the band.  Seventh One is a fine recoridng, just not my favorite Toto, its a bit poppy and Im not into the J. Williams vocal, its good, but not great.  Thats said, its so good to see Jeff Porcaro play!  He one of the best ever!

The Gaslight Anthem (4 Krispy Kremes from Augusta, Georgia)

I do like this.  Niels, I believe you introduced this band to The Bottom with their previous release.  I liked your post enough to get the album, and I'm glad I did.  I don't think they went over to well with anybody else here at the time.  But this album will be a purchase for me.  The video is fair too.  Although it's nothing new, it doesn't take away from the song at all.

The Hives (4 more KKD's)

I'm not saying this is the best song ever, but it's quite catchy.  And the video is excellent.  I love the black and white media and the performance on the blimp (Zeppelin) is really cool.  I wouldn't mind hearing some more of this band's stuff.

Styx (You know this is getting 5 Glazed Jelly Filled KKD's)

This is such a great, great song.  I love Tommy Shaw (as a musician dudes, get a life).  Seriously, he and Dennis DeYoung both have outstanding voices and really should still be making music together.  I like the instrument he was using, but I can't recall it's name.  I do know he made a bluegrass record last year.  Maybe I should check it out, maybe it has some of this type of stuff on it.  And the video is horrible.  I mean horrible.  Did I say horrible?  'Cause that's exactly what I mean.  But I love it and all of it's horribleness.

Toto (2 regular Glazed KKD's)

Not terrible, but easily the weakest song in this post.  I'm not a huge Toto fan, but I do like their hits.  So this probably is no surprise to anyone here.  The video is so 80's.  I don't think anyone would have a problem picking the decade it was released in just by seeing the video an not knowing anything else about it.  There is something familiar here though, has this video been featured somewhere on CRB before?

It could very well had been featured before here at CRB, because I'm only using my memory. I never check, if the video have been featured before, so it will probably happen more and more often

But my first choice was "pamela", but then I had a feeling, that THAT video had been featured before?! 

But.....I don't really think neither of them have been posted before?!!


The song was ok. but Scott's right. The problem with it, it sounds like all the other bands we're being fed today. Music that's just ok, with nothing distinctive & nothing memorable. The problem with the video, is you see all these kids fist pumping, but I don't hear anything powerful enough to make me want to pump my fist. It's like throwing up the horns & sticking out your tongue at a boy band concert. It just seems out of place.

THE HIVES - 3 Krispy Kremes

This song is good, bad & irritating, all at the same time. The vocals are brash, kinda' like a Clash song, but they somehow make them sound catchy, kinda' like a Clash song. So, it's a punk song! Bad vocals, that sound good. The video was good! I liked that it was done in black & white, set in the 1920's era, with everyone dressed in top hats & tails.  Having the zepplin in it,kinda' gave me an eerie reminder of the Hindenberg.

STYX - 5 Krispy Kremes

One of CRB's Top 5 American Bands! Styx, is Legendary & their music is Amazing! I'm a big Styx fan & this is great song, that's very familiar to me, but I will try to give an unbiased review. Ok, that's not going to work, so here's my biased review. I love classic performance videos, like this one, but what makes this one special, is you get a rare look a Dennis DeYoung on accordian & Tommy Shaw on mandolin. But, what makes this video, especially special, is you get to see Styx at a time before ego's & animosities took over. It's great, seeing the way Dennis & Tommy react to one another, while singing their Incredible harmonies. I agree with Scott, this is the way Styx should be remembered! 

TOTO - 5 Krispy Kremes

One of CRB's Top 5 Musically Talented Bands & I think this video demonstrates that! I disagree with RJ, I think this is one of the strongest songs in the post! So what, if it's a little dated & poppy. I cut my musical chops on 80's rock & this still sounds good to me! The highlight of the video, is seeing how happy the guys are performing together, especially, Steve Lukather & Jeff Pocaro. Jeff's smile was infectious, such an unfortunate, tragic end to one of the best ever! 

 Keep In Mind, That A Krispy Kreme Is A Lot Sweeter Than A Danish! So, Factor That Into The Mix!

The Gaslight Anthem--1 stale, squished doughnut lying near a pile of dog poo

Good golly, I hope that laying down of the guitar at the end means that they're hanging it up for good. I don't know what band they sound like as Scott mentioned nor do I care. That was the crappiest guitar solo I have ever heard in my life. Guess the young 'uns dig them because of all the tattoos, but I can remember when bands with tattoos generally meant bands with balls.  

The Hives--1 lonely Dunkin' Donut that nobody wants or loves

I thought they were singing "Go Write A Hit". Song really didn't do much for me and the video didn't either because they looked and acted kinda pompous and arrogant. Blimps are always neat, so I'll give them kudos for that but the rest just didn't excite, amuse or do anything for me at all.

Styx--4 freshly made donuts being eaten by a clown

I'm sorry but this video was unintentionally funny. Just imagine having someone who has never heard of this band or any of their songs watch this video and then get their thoughts. Play it a video by, say, The Captain & Tennille and can almost guarantee that they'll think Styx were wussy rock. And that look that Tommy was giving Dennis was kind of eerie, didn't know if he wanted to slit his throat or give him a big, wet kiss. I do like the song, but the video is 70's BAD.

Toto--5 bottles of honey loaded with extra sugar and a dash or two of Jolt cola

The first song I heard from this album was "Stay Away" when they were doing a smash or trash type of thing. It was voted as trash (I voted smash) and then found out later it was Toto. I had given up on Toto after "Isolation", but did pick up this album. But when trying to record it to cassette, I got pissed because the album was longer than 45 min. Really like this album, it's in the top 5  of my favorite Toto albums.


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