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New Music Corner #296 - Roger Waters, Buckingham/McVie

by "I'm still kickin' around out here and aren't you glad" Scott...

Lindsey Buckingham / Christine McVie

Everyone wanted a Fleetwood Mac album, well we didn't get one, but for me and my pop-sensibilities, this is a fine album as I've always loved the way these two play off each others song writing.  Quirky pop music ...  Yes please!

  1. Sleeping Around The Corner
  2. Red Sun
  3. Too Far Gone
  4. Carnival Begin

Roger Waters 
Is This The Life We Really Want?

Next up is a the latest from a pissed off Roger Waters, so be forewarned some of this may be NSFW because he's a little on edge on this album...  just a little! But for any fans of his solo work or his later Pink Floyd work will like this IMO, I do even though I disagree with his politics his music still works...

  1. Picture That
  2. Broken Bones
  3. Smell The Roses
  4. Wait For Her

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Nice to see you back Scott. I was positive you'll post Buckingham and I was also certain someone will do Roger Waters, too.

So here is my assessment. Since I heard both albums in full before you posted these samples. I was looking forward to them.

Lindsey Buckingham / Christine McVie

After they posted In My World, I was little bit disappointed with their repeated moaning from Big Love. There are things that should be done only once and that gimmick is one of them. Shame, because the song is actually quite good and so is the first 7 songs on the CD. For me, they dropped the ball on the last three tracks. If you consider that Christine penned and performed two of them, that really dampens her contribution to this project. Never cared for the Carnival Begin(ing), but Buckingham did save the End with his guitar solo. (In fact, the only guitar solo worth mentioning.) All in all, I think this release will more please the Buckingham fans than it does the Fleetwood Mac devotees. (If you can and do distinguish between the two acts). That being said, Too Far Gone is on my radar for the next time I do a batch of single song digital purchases. Oh, those drums. They never get old.

Roger Waters 

To me, there are two faces of Roger Waters. One is where he hires a great guitarist to elevate his music (Eric Clapton on Pros And Cons, Jeff Beck on Amused) and the other side is when he doesn't. Is This The Life We Really Want? is not the face I Really Wanted. Without seeing the liner notes, I can't tell if there is a great guitarist present or not (I just can't hear any great guitars here) Therefore the album mainly relies on Waters' charm. Now, if his charm is what brought you here, then you got nothing to worry about. You'll be thunderstruck.


I totally get what you're saying about the imbalance of Buckingham songs versus McVie songs it definitely feels most like a Buckingham solo effort with special appearance by McVie.  But for me that's not such a bad thing either, I guess I'm just a fan no matter what they do...

LB/CM--Thumbs 3/4 up

Kinda went into background mode with the first two songs and then it turned out okie dokie. So I like half of it but still giving it 3/4 up because I can. There's such a thing as TOO much quirkiness and it was prevalent at the beginning but then the quirkiness disappeared. Hey, at least it ain't Taylor Swift, but then someone will say that's she's soooooo good and I'll tell 'em to shut up.

I'm only glad if you used Dial. Did you?

Roger Waters--Thumbs Up

Pretty mellow for the most part, but highly enjoyable. I finally got around to watching his latest concert/life doc amd have no idea what it has to do with this album, but thought I'd mention it anyway.


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