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New Music Corner #302 - Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Alice Freakin' Cooper!

Got a two-fer this week.  Enjoy!!!

Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band
Lay It On Down

  1. Baby Got Gone
  2. Diamonds & Gold
  3. Louisiana Rain
  4. Ride Of Your Life

Alice Freakin' Cooper

  1. Paranormal
  2. Dead Flies
  3. Rats
  4. The Sound Of A
  5. You And All Your Friends

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KWS-T 3/4 U

Did I hear some wocka-wocka geetar? I think I did! SWEET! The first two and the last are smoking, the third is a bit too country. But, who's singing? I know KWS is on at least one of these tracks, but there seems to be guest vocalists. And one of them sounds familiar. Should I look it up? No, not my job. So, you better tell me.......or else HE'LL come.

Noah Hunt sings lead on most, but KWS also sings on this as well.  Its actually quite good!


I dunno, it sounds a bit disjointed? Like something's missing? Like you need to listen to the whole album from beginning to end instead of just a few tracks? You know?

I had this in my AMAZON cart a couple weeks ago. It was $9.96 and it was a Friday. I just put it right there in the ole AMAZON cart and was going to wait until the next day to check out in case I thought of something else because AMAZON has everything. Well, guess I waited too long because the price went up to $14.99. Silly AMAZON.

Of course I could listen to the whole album with AMAZON streaming, but that's not the point.


My new friend

and I were working on some highly confidential stuff and we had this playlist start all over again and when that second song was playing he said, "Hey, Jon. This sounds like a song from the 80's! Do you remember it? Do you? DO YOU?"

I thought about it for a couple hours and then it hit me, like a ton of really heavy things.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Ever since Gary Moore released Still Got The Blues, I got to appreciate the modern approach to Blues. This I like. I would mirror Jon's sentiment thou, track #3 was the weakest link among them.

Alice Cooper

In case you thought I have something against Ballads, this should debunk your theory. The best song here is, The Sound Of A. Although it's a bit longer than it should be, I would still go as far as say this is the best Ballad I heard this year. Not a typical Ballad, but a typical Alice Cooper Ballad. That's a good thing. The rest just doesn't click with me.

just so you understand the way I post NMC...  Jon does this every other track thing, but he's inconsistent because sometime he'll post even numbered tracks and sometimes odd numbered tracks.  Just a weird methodology if you ask me...  I, on the other hand, take a far more scientific approach.  I typically post the first two tracks and the last two tracks because its a better way to get an understanding of the whole album...  This week however, I added a 5th track to Alice Cooper post (because I'm a generous guy) from the bonus disk because it was one of two tracks recorded by his original band...

Say what????

My methodology is brilliant! With yours, you get the beginning and end of the story. Where's the middle, the meat of the story?

Your methodology is quite flawed and seriously sickens me.


Those are all innovative ways to get the job well done, but it all pales in comparison to my technique.

First, I wait for the rooster to cockadoodledoo six times at the nautical dawn, before I lick my finger and stick it to the air to find out from which direction does the wind blow, in order to make an educated guess where to turn when emptying my reservoir. Next, I drop a green toad into a half empty peanut butter jar and give it to my neighbour. Then I just pull the tracks out of my ass.

It works every time, as long as you don't go the night before to sleep, with an itchy bum. In which case, I suggest you better skip the finger licking maneuver and take your chances at 4 to 1, in completion of the next action. 

I enjoyed KWS's third track.  Gonna listen again before I make a full comment.

I've got a thumbs up on both of these.

The Kenny Wayne Sheppard also garners a 3/4 from me, but I like track three.  It's the closer that, though not at all bad, didn't keep me drawn in like the other three.  That Diamonds & Gold track is blues pop.  Nice. 

Don't know that I'll pick it up.   I'm thinking about it though.

The Alice Cooper disc sounded great to me.  I really loved the drumming throughout.

Can't make up my mind on this one either.  Still mulling it over.

I'm into both of these...  the real question is how many spots below Steven Wilson's new album will these land?


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