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As usual the "2 and 2" scientific method of posting new music that's actually proven to provide the listeners with the best musical information about the album is employed in my NMC posts.   This week its the posthumous release from Gregg Allman titled Southern Blood.  You'll get the first two tracks and the last two tracks which gives you the proven method for understanding the album as a whole unlike other NMC posters...

Click the album cover and enjoy!!

Gregg Allman
Southern Blood

1 - My Only True Friend
2 - Once I Was
3 - Love Like Kerosene
4 - Song for Adam (feat. Jackson Browne)

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Ahh, yes. The old "let's tell the beginning of the story and the end of the story but completely leave out the middle part because I'm a millennial with a man-bun and have a really short attention span and don't need any of that middle story part". Freaks like that miss out on the GOOD stuff, like that one scene in "Basic Instinct". 

Proven method my butt. MY BUTT!!!!!!

This is how my butt (and I) feel about your "proven method":

Southern Blood--Thumbs Up

I must be in a good mood or something because I actually enjoyed this. Some of his previous solo output didn't do anything for me. Some of this borders realllllllllly close to country, but it doesn't 100% get there so it's all good. Especially like the first song, because it's a bit....epic. Sad that I'm missing the middle part of this story though. Not GA's fault, obviously.

One last thing to the OP on this and where he can put his "proven method":

That is good stuff.  I have a house full of company so I probably won't get much listening done this weekend, but I really wanted to hear this.  Which is why I skipped Yngve's post from last week for now, but I will get to it.

Meanwhile, this will be purchased today.  It sounds great.

its real very good... and I got it before Jon!

Is this Nu-Metal?

Image result for the office gifs

This is country, and a very stereotypical at that. Which raises the question:

What do you get when you play this one backwards?


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