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By "2 and 2" Scott...

I thought it may be a bit of a melancholy post this week and a time to reflect on the legacy of Ronnie Montrose, turns out to be a lot deeper than that for any Classic Rock fan  ...  

On a happier note, the Scientific community has replied to my petition to adopt and standardize this method of posting new music, many of you know it was the theory that posting the first 2 and last 2 tracks give the listener an absolute feel for the entire album and therefore results in more purchases for the artists. Well its theory no more, it's been officially adopted as the "Chuck Woolery law", or the "2 and 2 rule" (either reference will be accepted as correct) ...  9 out of 10 scientists agree.  So have a stick of Trident and check this out!  It's really cool...

Ronnie Montrose
Ricky Phillips and Eric Singer

  1. Heavy Traffic (feat. Eric Marton & Dave Meniketti)
  2. Love Is An Art (feat. Edgar Winter & Rick Derringer)
  3. Head On Straight (feat. Davey Pattison & Marc Bonilla)
  4. I'm Not Lying (feat. Gregg Rolie, Tom Gimbel & some wannabe)

Click the album cover to listen!

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Great. First facebook and now CRB.

Thanks, Scott.

RM 10X10--Thumbs in the middle.

Definitely could have used more Mr. Lawrence Gowan!!!!!

Who is Dave Meneketti? Know Dave Meniketti, so am a bit confused. Unless it's his son?

Starts off pretty good with (I guess) Dave's nephew or something and then kind of goes downhill. Playing is nice and all that but there's really nothing memorable. The last song dragged, probably because it needed more LG, but......wait. There's no such thing as TOO much LG!!!!!

Nope, no purchase for me.

This came to me as a disappointment.

You see, the moniker Ronnie Montrose used to be reserved for his Instrumental releases. True, in small print there is Ricky and Eric, but still... false advertising, nonetheless. Now, when the news broke about this CD and I saw the list of contributors, I lowered my expectations to at least 5 out of 10 songs to be Instrumentals, right? No, for those people who solely rely on Scott's scientifically proven method of being stuck in the middle like a donkey in the fog, this CD has 0 Instrumentals. None, nada, zilch. Therefore, the title of the CD is wrong. It should be 0x10.

Since we got that out of the way, let's see if this fits either one of the other two Ronnie Montrose vehicles. Gamma?... nope. It's not laced with progressive elements. Montrose?... yes. Unfortunately, it's the least preferred method of getting entertained by Ronnie Montrose, for me. That being said, the last song is the worst of the material, so don't judge the album by it's back end. Other than that song, I believe this was a worthy addition to the Montrose catalog.

I did enjoy listening to the songs 1nce. And for the 2nd time now, as well, but it needs to be at least 7x10 for me to be a purchase and I don't think that's happening. Oh well, maybe the next one.

Montrose - Thumbs Even

Honestly, I can't find anything wrong with any of the songs featured here.  They all sound a bit different from each other and they are more than decent songs.  But nothing is drawing me to listen further.  Not sure why. 

Apparently Jon and Scott are still in their personal squabble over Larry Gowan of Styx fame.  I have been on the fence regarding Larrence until the most recent Styx studio offering.  He is no longer potentially on a "do not like" list for me, as his performance there has washed away any doubt about his ability.  But this isn't about LG.

It's about RM.  But I do wonder exactly how much of this offering is Ronnie Montrose.  I see the album is credited to Ricky Phillips and Eric Singer as well.  And every song has guest appearances.  So how much of what is presented here is directly from Mr. Montrose?  Maybe a lot, maybe not much.  I just don't know.  Scott might be able to clarify that a bit seeing as how he owns the album and has certainly read any credits and/or liner notes.  

Believe it or not, I still feel more of a pull to pick up that Threshold album Jon posted recently more than this.  Though I haven't done that yet either.


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