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New Music Corner #317 - Sons of Apollo, Bob Seger

by "technically sound" Scott

Two this week and I must say these are love 'em or hate 'em releases, since I own them you know where I stand...  I've added the Bonus track titled "Glenn Song" to the end of the player, this track is only available on the Deluxe edition of the album, but thought it was a nice addition to this post as well as a fine tribute to the late Glenn Frey...

First up, yet another supergroup...

Sons Of Apollo
Psychotic Symphony

  1. God of the Sun
  2. Coming Home
  3. Divine Addiction
  4. Opus Maximus

Bob Seger
I Knew You When (Deluxe)

  1. Gracile
  2. Busload of Faith
  3. Something More
  4. Democracy
  5. Glenn Song* (Deluxe Edition track)

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Sons Of Apollo

This band reads to me like the latest issue of our bulletin from the workplace, where they got the 4 most senior guys on a picture, with a note that followed: "There is over 150 years of combined experience" between these employees. I'm not going to check my collection, but I bet you  a million bucks, I own more than 150 CDs from these members, if you add them all up. It's truly a Super Group. That being said their first two Music Video's left me disappointed. Refusing to believe it's that bad, I tracked down the stream of the whole album and I was glad to hear that rest of the album had more to offer. There is some awesomeness here. The only song that left me indifferent is the Instrumental tune, which is quite odd, considering how much I like Instrumentals. But perhaps because of that, I had higher expectation from the band in that department. The song is very technical, but without a soul. Therefore (even though its a bit of a stretch)

Thumbs 3/4 Up.

Bob Seger

If I didn't own the Risky Business soundtrack CD, I wouldn't have anything from Bob. True to his name, he is quite uneventful for me. Neither good nor bad and that pretty much sums this CD up.

P.S. What the heck is up with Podsnack? I thought, I'm the only one to whom it doesn't like to display the length of the songs, but by the looks of thing, Jon is the only one who knows whose palms need greasing.

My first ever LP purchase was a two-fer, Night Moves was one of them.  He's always been an artist I followed, though I will say after Against The Wind he did drop off my purchasing radar as he got poppy.  Glad hes back with this one!

Sons Of Apollo--Thumbs in the middle

Haven't we already heard this before? There's really nothing new here that I haven't heard on a Dream Theater or any of those other offspring/hybrid groups. It's getting a little bit boring nowadays. Technically proficient but so, so cold. Portnoy has a tendency to go overboard (hey, thanks for ruining Bigelf!) and that's no different here. Eh, maybe I'm getting too old for this sh*t.

Because.....(Oh, yes. I'm going to make you wait on this one)

still waiting....

Are you talking about, a handful of Neal Morse releases, Winery Dogs, Flying Colors, Transatlantic, etc... All in the last few years?  I get the overboard comment because of this as well.  But I am still looking forward to that new Flying Colors album (if it comes out) as theyre my favorite of all these bands...

Yeah, but not all of these leave you with that cold feeling.

Got 'em both. Both or these are pretty good.  

Sons of Apollo is really the best output I've ever heard from JSS.  And I've given him several chances to win me over.  Not sure if this one will end up Top 10 for me or not.  It's battling it out with some others for one of the lower spots on my list.

Seger is quite good.  Especially for someone so late in his career.  His voice certainly isn't as strong as it used to be, but it's not bad either.  The songs are pretty strong for the most part.  This one is trending up with regards to my Top 10.  I almost posted it last week, but I knew SG had it and would be posting it, so I let it ride...

Nice picks bro.  Can't wait 'til Jon posts his polite comments regarding it.

JSS is better here it feels more loose and maybe he's better at that.  I too have given his other works chances but they are cold and unfeeling albums, weird but they are.  I got the rare opportunity to see him front Journey live several years ago and he was fantastic.  Maybe that was his best opportunity at being the right guy!

Bob Seger--Thumbs 3/4 Up

First he sounded a bit.....old, but then he didn't with subsequent listens. Guess I got used to it or maybe he really doesn't sound that much older. Glad he's still rocking out, guess there's quite a few "raging rockers" on this from what I've read. Could be wrong though since the internet lies. The 8th song is very familiar, the words are different but it sounds like a song from The Cross in parts......

This s a good album, top ten worthy, though it wont knock a certain unnamed artist out of this years top spot it will make my list.  Thought you weren't a Seger fan living in the Detoit metro and all...

#8 is a Leonard Cohen song though Ive never heard the original if one was done by him... 

Let me guess.

It's the Wilson, kid.


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