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I'm 52 years old and have been hooked on music since I was 12....I have tons of albums...and about 2,000 cds.  Still, I continue to stumble on old bands and music that I was aware of but never really listened to.


Yesterday I borrowed a friends Steely Dan cd collection.  I was always aware of the hits, but never listened to the albums because I thought they were too "jazzy".  So far I have listened to "Can't Buy A Thrill", "Countdown To Ecstasy" and "Katy Lied"....I am so freakin' hooked on them now!  Really into them.  Plan on hearing the rest of the collection before the day is over.


How about you....any bands you have discovered that have been around for a long time?  Maybe a band that you didn't use to care for, but now you really like?



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Well, I did'nt really like Bob Dylan, until I saw that Scorsese-documentary in 2005, but that movie made me buy 10 cd's or something, and I truly acknowledge his genius nowadays.
I love Steely Dan. Check out Aja, one of their best by far
Can't Buy A Thrill is really good too.
Pre 80's Chicago a few years ago. Never really bought any of their albums (except V) but then went on a kick.

And let the war of words start...about 10 years ago I really started to get into ABBA.
sigh....and I had such a good opinion of you.
Really? Now come have a guilty pleasure.....
yes I do have a guilty pleasure.

And that would be Debbie Gibson.

Loved her when she first came on the music scene. Not so much for the quality of the music but rather how she was involved in the writing and producing of her songs rather than just a prepackaged thing like Tiffany.

And now I will go hang my head in shame.
I knew you acquired a taste for wocka wocka geetar from somewhere.
I've allways liked ABBA, since I first saw them in "European song contest" in 1974, playing "Ring, ring". I even had a ABBA-poster on my wall in ´75.

Well, now I know, if I'll decide to make a ABBA group-page, that you'll join, Jon!!

But, I have to say, that the "Mama Mia"-musical/Movie, makes me wanna puke!!!!!
74? What's that make your age? 90 or something?

And yes, I'll be more than happy to join an ABBA group! I have no fear!
I'm starting to like Rush more...the DVD that just came out (I saw the VH1 version) is really good.

Not classic rock, but Johnny Cash and soon Buck Owens.
I came late to the party for ....

Iron Maiden - had and love Number of the Beast and Somewhere in Time for ages. But just started going through the rest of their catalog about 2-3 years ago...

Ambrosia - Have been picking at their catalog since they popped up in a discussion on that other site a while back

INXS - bought one of their early ones in the early 80's and liked about half of it (Sahboo Shabaa or something like that). Now getting intot he rest of thiem this past year or so


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