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I'm 52 years old and have been hooked on music since I was 12....I have tons of albums...and about 2,000 cds.  Still, I continue to stumble on old bands and music that I was aware of but never really listened to.


Yesterday I borrowed a friends Steely Dan cd collection.  I was always aware of the hits, but never listened to the albums because I thought they were too "jazzy".  So far I have listened to "Can't Buy A Thrill", "Countdown To Ecstasy" and "Katy Lied"....I am so freakin' hooked on them now!  Really into them.  Plan on hearing the rest of the collection before the day is over.


How about you....any bands you have discovered that have been around for a long time?  Maybe a band that you didn't use to care for, but now you really like?



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I'm with you on Ambrosia, had that greatest hits package for a couple years and then late last year picked up 3 of their studio albums.
One other that I just realized is Dio. For some reason, I didn't like him when Holy Diver came out. And I had no idea of his history with Rainbow and Black Sabbath at that time. My opinions have changed in the last 2-3 years.
When you say Genesis, Mick, is it then a special periode, fx the Peter Gabriel-years or is it the pop-years with Phil Collins in front, or is it both?

Imo there are some great albums from both "periodes" fx . "The Lamb lies down on Broadway" AND "We can't dance".
I was never into the Peter Gabriel Genesis, but loved the Phil Collins Genesis.
I'll second that...I like the Phil Collins stuff. But honestly, I've never really heard the Gabriel stuff.


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