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What CD's or DVD's have you recently purchased?  And it doesn't have to be classic rock.  Let us know about any purchases that you think are worth sharing.

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The Gaslight Anthem - American Slang


Used CD store:


RTZ - Return To Zero ($4.95)

Iron Maiden - Brave New World ($5.39)

Iron Maiden - Dance Of Death ($5.39)

Journey - Look Into The Future ($5.00)

Bruce Dickinson - The Chemical Wedding ($5.39)


...all good deals except the last one.

Night Ranger--Somewhere In California  (Amazon dropped the price from 18 bucks a couple weeks ago to 9.99. What a deal!)

I don't buy many CD's but have bought a couple recently... of course they was kind of odd ball stuff.. haha.

Picked up the best of the Jerky Boys (For those who don't who they are, they were a couple of guys that made prank phone calls and recorded them.. were most popular in probably the mid 90's) and also picked up the Complete "Weird" Al Yankovic. Bought a new copy of Blizzard of Oz a few months back as my original copy had seen better days.

Just ordered two Kansas titles...


Vinyl Confessions and Drastic Measures from


Both have finally received the 24 bit remastering they have so long deserved.  Cant wait to get them!!!

I am ALMOST in on "Vinyl Confessions" but want the price to come down. It's been OOP for a long while here, but was remastered. Rock Candy will probably have a better remaster, but I'm going to wait for it to come down in price. I have "Drastic Measures" and like it.
How much did this cost (Amurican munny)...18 bucks?
yup...  but these have sentimental value to me so I had to...
I'm going to wait on "Vinyl Confessions" drops to around 10-12, I'm in. Would be a nice posting though.
Well, the 18 bucks included international shipping.  Im not confident that they will release domestically so that was factor as well.  But I would love to guest host another AOTW when it comes in...

Let me know...I can make it happen.

Yes--Fly From Here (pre-order)

Black Country Communion--II (broke down and bought this since Amazon lowered the price to 9.99)

I found Starfleet Project on vinyl yesterday at the used CD store.  I would have known nothing about this if not for Jon.


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