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What CD's or DVD's have you recently purchased?  And it doesn't have to be classic rock.  Let us know about any purchases that you think are worth sharing.

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I would think so!
That's what I figured.

I got the Simon Kirke solo CD "Filling The Void".

Would love to read a review when/if you get a chance to write it up...

As soon as I get a chance to listen to it I will be doing a review.

Queensryche - Dedicated To Chaos (2011)

Warrant - Rockaholic (2011) Not a Warrant fan, but interested to check this out for some reason.  Will be in NMC soon.

I picked up Queensryche's Dedicated to Chaos today.
Man, good luck.  I have no problem with a band trying to expand or even change up there sound a bit, but this is not very good.  Where are the guitars and the actual singing?  Seriously, let me know what you think.  I think this may be in NMC next week and I'm interested in what everybody thinks.  I'm not saying I hate it, but it's just out there somewhere.

Pat Benatar - Precious Time (Remastered)

Pat Benatar - Get Nervous (Remastered)

Kutless - To Know That Youre Alive

Gary Wright - The RIght Place

Yes - 90125

Rush - Signals

Whitesnake - Slide It In

Robert Palmer - Riptide

Night Ranger - Neverland

90125?  I posted a song from that a few weeks back and yuo said you coudlnt get into it...  what changed?


Nice choice on the Rush by the way!!!

Nothing at all changed.  But I'm gonna give Yes a chance, and I thought I'd start with the one album that I do remember a song or two from.  Plus the used CD store had it for 4 bucks.


I've been hearing that song "Subdivisions" on XM lately (The Boneyard plays a ton of Rush), and I just happened to see that at the used CD store for 4 bucks too.


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