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What CD's or DVD's have you recently purchased?  And it doesn't have to be classic rock.  Let us know about any purchases that you think are worth sharing.

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How did you get Maiden and Heart, I thought they weren't due out for a few more days?
Maiden next week, Heart last week in August. All pre-orders.
Okay, that makes sense.

I only count a purchase when I actually have the disc in hand.

Definitely getting Iron Maiden on Tuesday!
Going to spring for the deluxe? Couple bucks more I believe.
If it is available at the Best Buy, otherwise probably not. I want it in hand on release day so I'm not planning to order online.
Old school! That's cool, I just wanted to be assured that I would get the deluxe, found it pretty cheap at (gasp) Shame on me...
Though I applaud your newfangled online buying skills, you should be drawn and quartered for buying your music from a store known to censor music they release.
I definitely should. But I think they've relaxed a bit on the music. Hell, if they sell R rated movies, why not music with a parental advisory? But I don't think Maiden has ever had a release with an advisory, so I should be safe. Stay tuned.....
Today I picked up:

The Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed
The Rolling Stones - Goats Head Soup
Black Label Society - Order Of The Black

These two Stones discs are the first studio albums by them that I've ever bought. I have 40 Licks and another Greatest Hits disc. I'm sure one of these at least is destined for AOTW soon.
Firefall - Luna Sea
Firefall - Elan
Firefall - Undertow
Extreme - Saudades De Rock
Sammy Hagar - The Essential Red Collection
Hello All I see your lists and I think we may have some problems as I have what our Banner says Classic Rock and Roll. I am getting started on the list right after I finish reading my mail today. I will be asking Rj to give me a fax number or address and I will send the list to him and he can post those that are suitable to the catagory. Talk to all of you soon .Please keep sending me lists We will hook up someone to something soon I bet. Peace Norma
A Star-Crossed Wastedland - In The Moment

Thanks goes out to Jon on this one. I liked what I heard on NMC so I picked it up today. I am ordering two other discs from Amazon that I found out about on this site, one by Niels and one by Scott. I will post what the two are when they come in.


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