Classic Rock Bottom

by "this worked out perfectly" Jon

Voyager--V (June 2014)

1. Breaking Down

2. Embrace The Limitless

3. The Domination Game

4. It's A Wonder

5. Summer Always Comes Again

Harem Scarem--Thirteen (December 2014)

1. Garden Of Eden

2. Early Warning Signs

3. Whatever It Takes

4. All I Need

5. Never Say Never

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I have Robert Cray, Noah Gundersen (which is probably a bit to folky/country for you gals), This Is Your Life (RJ Dio Tribute), Down n Outz, Sturgill Simpson (definitely too country for you ladies), Sevendust (no interest here I'm sure), John Oates, Toto (Live From Poland), Blackberry Smoke (Live), Emerson Hart (guy from Tonic), John Fullbright (country), Blackhawk (country), Mastodon (I don't think it has been posted), Seether, The Gaslight Anthem, Sixx: A.M. and Lunatic Soul (Riverside's front man's side project).  

If there is any interest in any of those, I can go next week.  If not, no problem.

I wouldn't mind hearing Mastodon. I have all their other albums, I just got bored with them with their last one. Funny their newest one hasn't been posted.

I'll post it and something else on my next turn.


Breaking Down - Started out fairly good.  But for some reason, it just lost all of it's momentum somewhere in the song.  I think it might be the vocals.

Embrace The Limitless - Yeah, the vocals definitely are not working for me.  

The Domination Game - Sounds a bit like they are trying to sound like Dream Theater.  Maybe it's the drums.  For some reason they are annoying me.  The vocalist isn't bad, it's just his delivery or accent or something that bothers me. I don't mind the chorus on this song.

It's A Wonder - Ughhhh...that drumming style is so irritating.  I don't care for this song at all.

Summer Always Comes Again - Yes she does.  

This one's a no-go for me.  But I'm positive I'll like the vocals on the next offering.

Harem Scarem

Garden Of Eden - Nice hook on this one.  Yes, the vocals are much, much better.  Almost a bit Bryan Adams"ish".  I've never noticed that with Hess before.  Oooohhhh...totally diggin' the guitar lead and the bass playin' on this track.  Good start.

Early Warning Signs - Not much a fan of the chorus on this track.  Strike one.

Whatever It Takes - Trademark Harem Scarem, Harry Hess vocals on this one.  It's a slight bit cheesy, but not too bad.  If this is the only ballad on the album, I'm cool with it.  If it's not, the other one would probably need to be a bit better than this.  

All I Need - Just love that guitar.  Prefer the verse to the chorus on this one, but I'm not sayin' the chorus is bad.  Melodic guitar solo.  Maybe the chorus is pretty good after all.

Never Say Never - This one is somewhere in the middle of the road.  

I like this.  Can't say for sure I'm gonna get it, but I'm throwing the idea around.  Just like I had imagined, I love the vocals and the guitar sounds great too.  And on second thought, that second track may be a grower.  And it seems quite efficient, with each of these tracks being less than 4 minutes.

Good post Jonny (well, half of it anyway).

damn hillbillies.....somebody needs to squeal like a pig...and it ain't gonna be me

VOYAGER ...  2 Thumbs down and Two thumbs up (read, it will make sense)

Wow this is freakin' ...  average nu-metal, AKA Frontiers produced and written run of the mill euro rock..  OK, so in the middle of the first song this actually happened.  ...  My son walks in and says, "who is this?" .. turns out he likes the first 3 tracks he sat and listened.  And then I asked him if he'd purchase and he said probably if it was cheap. hahaha...  ok, so you get one like!  But for me?  Nah...

HAREM SCAREM ... Two Thumbsy wumbsy downsy frownsy

Okey dokey, harem scarem... better scetter, not badsy ladsy, but not goodsy woodsy either beaver.  Just so-so.  Vocal schmocal, better detter.  RIffage schmiffage, not badsy padsy.  Slow songs, eh, not interesting schminteresting.  Purchase?  Not a chancy wancy...

That reply was kinda pell mell, helter skelter...

When I respond to Jon's posts I try to appeal to his intelligence...


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