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by "this is FINALLY getting a posting?" Jon

Deep Purple--InFinite (April 2017)

1. Time For Bedlam

2. All I Got Is You

3. Get Me Outta Here

4. Johnny's Band

5. Birds Of Prey

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I've got this album, now I just have to get around to listening to it.

Deep Purple is back and they're pissed off about it!!  hahahaha, seriously some of these songs are angry!!  And I like!  Gets me in the mood for work during my morning commute.

But...  it takes more than a listen or two to really hear how good this is, and once you do it'll stick.  Airy and Morse are simply great, especially Airy, he really fills in for some YUUUGE shoes quite well, and on this album he gets the spotlight a good bit.  Jon Lord would be proud, scratch that , Lord is proud!!

You left off Hip Boots because of you're posting method, or was it because it says naughty words?  Either way that's cool tune as well... Paice channels Bonham on Get Me Outta Here, love the opening beat! Johnnys Band is also freaky good, and I'll just go ahead and say it, Morse's riff feels like its Tommy Bolin inspired!

Haven't visited my 2017 rankings for a few months but I think I need to catch them up as this will rank high!!

Yeah, I stay away from naughty words. Yeah.

Still in consideration stage for me.

Have to wait and see if I can afford the 2 CD edition with Uncommon Man (instrumental version) on it, but it does sound as the best Deep Purple since Morse joined.

I enjoyed the previous album, but for some reason, I think because I just simply have not been into new music as much this year, I have been holding off.  Looks like I'll be correcting that.  This is nothing but goodness.

Can't find anything in this sampling that prohibits purchase.


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