Classic Rock Bottom

by "coalition of rejects" Chapleen

     Another guitar-slinger from Sweden to utilize the Vocal theatrics of Michael Vescera and Göran Edman. Naturally, one would assume this is another Neo-Classical disc a la Yngwe Malmsteen, but one would be a bit off the target. Sure the feeling is there in few of the songs, thanks to Vescera's delivery, but the album is comfortably seated in a Melodic Metal style and sometimes even in an AOR. This could be mainly credited to Daniel Flores' (The Murder Of My Sweet) production. Me thinks. Have a listen and let me know your opinion.

SAMMY BERELL - Passion Dreams

CD ℗ 2017


1. Red Light Eyes (Devil In Disguise)
2. Midnight Flier
3. Crown Of Thorns
4. Sinner (Little) Sinner
5. Star Light

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The first song was pretty cool, got me feeling good. The rest kinda hit that 80's hair metal feel to it, but with better geetaring. Overall not a bad listen at all, with that first track being totally killer.

I have to pretty much echo Jon's sentiments.  That first song was pretty smokin'!  And like he said, the rest was pretty much 80's hair stuff.  Don't get me wrong, I would have more than likely liked this back then.  But not so much today, though it wasn't at all difficult to listen to.  

I'll take a pass here, but you never know.  I'm so old I may forget that this isn't really in my wheel house anymore and start liking it again...

You know, I was still listening to the last track when I posted my first comment.  I like that track a good bit too. It reminds me of a band named Starbreaker.  That band was fronted by Tony Harnell, and Star Light sounds exactly like it could have been on the album Love's Dying Wish.  Cool.


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