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by YNGVE "what would rJhog do?" CHAPLEEN

SHAKIN' STEVENS - Echoes Of Our Times

Digipak ℗ 2016 Sep 16

1. Down In The Hole

2. Down Into Muddy Waters

3. Train Of Time

4. Echoes Of Our Times

5. Last Man Alive

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Shakin' Stevens--Thumbs Up

I like this.

Man, do I get to the point quickly or what?

Shakin' Stevens - Thumbs approximately 3/4 in the upward position

I was wondering, based on Yngwie's message about this posting, if it might have a little country lean?  I'd say the answer to that was affirmative.  

And I like that about it.  Musically it was enjoyable.

The only drawback was the singer's voice.  Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad, it just wasn't quite as strong as I would like for it to be.

Still, not a bad listen at all.  I listened to it two nights ago but I've been on vacation and haven't had the computer with me.  I may try to take one more spin here.

For me leaning country is not a good thing, especially if the lean is towards new-country and this feels like it is, sorry, not my cup o' tea.

Yngve, would you believe I found an old Lp of SS this past week? Actually found two, but one was scratched pretty bad. I did pick the one up and it will eventually appear in my cheap vinyl blog.

I'm not surprised. Every time I looked for a Shakin' S album at the Vinyl store I found few of his works. Picked up Give Me Your Heart Tonight and The Bop Won't Stop myself once, but never came across his 80 and 81 releases, which were more to my Rockabilly licking, so I had to buy his Best Of double CD with all the hits I was looking for.

I'm really interested in which one did you find. (Don't spoil it, just post it in your blog) Fair warning, in case you don't know his work outside this CD I listed here, nothing else he did before was Americana. That's why I was surprised so much when I heard Echoes Of Our Times.

Based on the album cover, I would imagine it's definitely not Americana.  You said rockabilly, and that's about what I'd guess from the cover.  

I may try to include it in the next volume.

If I can remember an artists that one of you guys have posted, I'll usually try to pick up an album, especially if it's a dollar.

Just sayin' cause I picked up a Moon Martin album this week too.


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