Classic Rock Bottom

by "and you thought I was no longer metal" Jon

Accept--The Rise Of Chaos (August 2017)

1. Hole In The Head

2. Koolaid

3. Analog Man

4. Worlds Colliding

5. Race To Extinction

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Udo who?

Received mine yesterday with the usual "Get it before Jon" guarantee!  I've had a really cool renaissance with this band as of late, I mean all the new Platinum Series releases and the actual band releasing high quality albums of new material.  Seems I've been listening to them for the past 6 months a good bit more than ever.

This album is yet another nice addition to my ever growing Accept catalog.  It doesn't stray far from what they do and why would they?  Killer riffs, killer solos, thick beats and a bass drum kick you can feel when at the appropriate volume. Seriously, what are you waiting for?  get it...

Don't you hate it when a Heavy Metal band runs out of ideas for cool song titles?

Oh wait.

False alarm.

There is one...


Oh wait.

This just in.

I heard from deniable sources that on their next album Accept is going to have a song about...


OK I had my fun, so here is what I think.

On Friday I was able to find the whole album and listen to it. First, I was home alone so I played it for the neighbours. I'm not sure what they thought of the Chaos, but it sure didn't impress me. Wasn't terrible, but something was definitely bugging me.

Second time I listened to the album at a "normal" volume and still left me underwhelmed.

As soon as you posted the samples here I gave it another try and since rest of the household is still in bed, I listened to it at a low volume. As crazy as it sounds, the music was actually bearable. Tornillo's voice not so much. So this is what bothers me. He is holding the band back and they play restrained for him to fit in, preventing the music to burst out from the speakers. I'd say it's time to throw Tornillo out with the bathwater.

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