Classic Rock Bottom

by Yngve "NWOHoneyBadgerHeart" Chapleen

LIONHEART - Second Nature

CD ℗ 2017 (Aug. 25)

30 Years



Don't Pay The Ferryman

On Our Way

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Lionheart--Thumbs Up

Surprised they're back together, but this is pretty damn good. Has a lot of Uriah Heep influence, don't remember id their 80's stuff was the same, but it's not a bad thing. Hey, they even rock out to a Chris de Burgh classic and that's a good thing. They should go on tour with Tygers Of Pan Tang, that would be quite catty.

Well, considering that Tygers Of Pan Tang released a great album last year, the two should combine their forces into a Tour called "To End All Mice Infestation" or something along the line. I'm not much into cover songs, but they did choose an unusual song to cover and the result is pretty good. The Japanese version of the CD has the Beatles cover "Paperback Writer" as well, in case somebody is wondering.

Their 80's album is more AOR than this one. Meaning there are AOR songs on Second Nature as well, but I prefer the faster tracks here, because the guitar solos are simply awesome and Prisoner is a state of the art as far as composing a complex, yet very accessible and catchy song goes.

Lionheart ... Thumbs even, maybe trending down, ok yes trending down...

There is nothing here to not like, nice production, musicianship is top notch, but the songs are just OK.  The one exception is the Chris DeBurgh cover, I liked the original and they did pretty good here - but its just pretty good.  In fact I think I have that on vinyl and it would be very safe to say its not been touched in well over 30 years. Its also safe to say that when the best song here is a cover that the songwriting is an issue for me...

Not familiar with Lionheart.  

That first song is okay.  The verses don't really hold my attention, but I like the chorus much better.

Prisoner is much, much more to my liking.  Good ole late 80's style melodic metal/rock.  I have to admit, I'm listening on the computer and the ear phone jack has been messing up lately, so it probably sounds even better than what my ears are hearing.  Just very melodic.  And the vocalist sounds very familiar, though I have no idea who it is.  If you haven't figured it out yet, I really like this track.

Not crazy one way or the other about Lionheart, but I do dig the epic solo.

Don't Pay The Ferryman is pretty good.  This is a track I would have really been into back in the 80's.  Even now, some thirty years later, I do like it.  It feels quite epic, nice production.  Is this the Chris DeBurgh song?  I'm not familiar with it, but good track none the less.

A nice little instrumental to close it out.  

Overall, I'd have to say Thumbs Even.  I heard two really good songs and two that are, while not bad, somewhat forgettable. I love the melodic qualities of Prisoner and Don't Pay The Ferryman, but it's just not enough to sway me into a purchase, as I'm being much, much more stingy with my new album money this year.  Still a nice and worthy post Yngve, glad I got to hear it.

No. It's not the Chris de Burgh song.



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