Classic Rock Bottom

by "Here Goes Nothing, Left Behind" Chapleen 

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CHRIS REA - Road Songs For Lovers 

CD ℗ 2017 (Sept. 28th) 

1. The Road Ahead 

2. Nothing Left Behind 

3. Angel Of Love 

4. Money 

5. Last Train 

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Thumbs about 3/4 up

I know Chris Rea from something but can't figure out from what. His voice sounds (suitably?) shot here, don't know if the long years or what, but it does kinda grab you at first and then you get used to it. Too much whiskey and smokes? Don't know. The gettar work is quite nice and the second time thru the voice wasn't as beaten and raw as the first time. Now I have to figure out what song or songs there are that he had. Think they were more poppy than this. Oh well, not that I had anything else beter to do today. 

He hit the American charts with "Fool If You Think Its Over" - from an album titled "Whatever Happened to Benny Santini", great tune and really solid record!  I also have his "The Road To Hell" album, I dig that one too...

I'm looking forward to this one...

Did I ask you for your input?

Did I??

Sorta kinda... But asking never stopped anyone on here before, why start now?

Oh, yeah.


Ok. Well, let me leave now.

Chris Rea - 4/5 Thumbs Up

Jon is somewhat right on with his vocal assessment, but it's really okay vocally.  He just sounds like an old dude, that's all. Nothin' wrong with that.  These samples are very slow.  It just slowly moves along, which really shouldn't matter, and maybe it doesn't.  It's about the songs, and whether you enjoy listening to them or not.  I felt like it kicked up a notch with those  last two songs.  Money is terrific.  Very good.  Last Train was too.  Some solid slide in those two songs.  

I like it.  Can't say I'm gonna get it.  I just picked up some stuff Thursday night that should be in today, including two new releases (one being the Threshold album Jon posted).  I have two or three that I would like to get that are due out next Friday (one of those is country, and I know you guys hate that stuff).  But that's probably enough new releases for me right now.  I have to start working on my Top 10 or so list.

Good post Yngve, I do like this one.


I liked EVERY song by him!

And I would play them on my show.

He sounds like if Tom Waits had a throat operation, giving him a better voice, lol!

Nice picks,



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