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by "free & easy" Jon

Heaven & Earth--Hard To Kill (October 2017)

1. Hard To Kill

2. Till It's Over

3. The Game Has Changed

4. Monster

5. Hellfire

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I remember this bands last entry into NMC, seems like it was just an OK listen with some DP and UH influences.

And that's what I hear right off the bat, a MK3 knock off.  But since when has that been a bad thing especially when its done well?  That blues riff with the Lord-esque keyboard is strong!!  Kinda got lost in the next two tracks, not bad, but didn't quite grab at me like those first two.  I did like the closer though, its always a good time to jam! Am I right?  

I'd say 3 out of 5 is better than I anticipated, I may revisit this to see if tracks 3 and 4 change my initial thought...  Nice post sir!

This is REALLY good.

Since I'm not (never was, never will be) a sympathy voter, I have no problem saying this is the album Deep Purple wish have made. It runs circles around their latest effort (and that was the best CD they did since Steve Morse joined them).

Unfortunately for me, I'm tapped out. I already past my projected purchases of 25 CDs per year (13 new and 12 old releases) and there is at least 3 more CDs coming out between now and Dec 20. that are very promising. That means I won't be getting this CD, which is shame since this is going to be the first Heaven & Earth CD I won't own.

Although, I might squeeze in 2-3 digital tracks to my next hoarding.

Heaven & Earth - Thumbs Undecided

Hmmm...I had no idea you had posted this band before.  So I went back and looked for it.  When I found it, I did realize that I remember the album cover.  I thought it was fantastic.  Undoubtedly, I liked the music too.  I can't decide where I'm at on this yet.  It really reminds me of Thunder.  Jon, is there anyone we would know in this band?  Just curious about that.  I wasn't overly big on Thunder's album from earlier this year.  The band has a good sound, and I'm not hearing anything cheesy.  I just can't make up my mind.  I think I'll have to try and listen to it again.

Stuart Smith, maybe. If you know geetarists, that is.


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