Classic Rock Bottom

Soraia - Dead Reckoning

1. Why

2. Beautiful Curse

3. Come Down, Angel

4. Je Ne Sais Quoi

5. Tahiti

Supersonic Blues Machine - Californisoul

6. I Am Done Missing You

7. L.O.V.E.

8. Bad Boys

9. The One

10. Cry

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Soraia--Thumbs Up

Hey, this sounds like Blondie! Well, at least the first track. Then it sounds like other stuff from the rockin' 80's. And that's not bad as long as they don't hit the obligatory power ballad and there's none of that here. Pleasantly surprised, I must say. At least it's not typical of most music today. You know, crap.

SSBM--Thumbs in the middle

It's not a bad listen, but it's nothing really new. I guess I'm kind of blues/rocked out even though I wasn't 100% on board with it in the first place.


Jon nicely summed it up. The band (I think it's a band) pays tribute to different styles, yet throughout retains the energy, while distinguishing itself from the perfectly polished, same beat music today's scene is flooded with. Therefore...

Thumbs Up

Supersonic Blues Machine

The Blues scene got little bit weird in the last 2 years. What they want you to believe is that there is this super solidarity among the famous artists of the genre, but the vibe I'm getting sometimes from the result is that few of these collaborators feel like it's a chore to participate on such albums. Of course, the biggest problem is high expectations. Once you lower them, Californisoul nicely cruises through the package. Nothing spectacular here, but not a bad listen. I would enjoy the music even without the big names. Therefore...

Thumbs 3/4 Up.

SORIA ... Two Thumbs trending up

My first thought is, who is this?  The production is thin and the opener feels very poppy, but not too bad.  I appreciate the uniqueness, especially in the current musical climate its hard to carve out a place for a unique artist.  I hope these guys make it as I'd like to hear how they grow, but it wont be a purchase for me at this time...

SUPERSONIC BLUES MACHINE ... Two Thumbs nearly up

Opener is spot on for me!  Love the style, even if its tried and true - solid songwriting and masterful musicianship is always a good combination.  Kinda reminds of Devon Allmans work, its nice and has place, I just dig the moogs, blues guitar, and bass lines... I may look into this one a bit more but so far I like!!!


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